Zee Aquarium

I asked Sander if there were any local aquariums we had not visited and his eyes lit up. For a few weeks now, we’ve toyed with the idea of visiting Artis, a zoo in Amsterdam, but something has always come up. The great thing about the Zee Aquarium, is that it was not too far away (a little over 50 minutes away) and it wasn’t too large.

Unfortunately many of the reviews for the place were negative because it’s so small, but come on. It’s nestled right on the beach and huddled under a dozen hotels. It’s a bit hard to have a large aquarium in a similar situation and most of it was underground to begin with. During the summer season people are going to want to see the beach, not an aquarium.

We’ve been big fans of seeing animal exhibits, documentaries. So adding another location to our list of favorite finds is always exciting. At the Zee Aquarium, many of the tanks were beautiful and vibrant although it was so hard to decide on which photos to keep! The fish are always so active that’s it’s difficult to capture them in low lighting situations.

On top of having beautiful fish to look at, there was a fish spa! Visitors can dip their feet into a tub of fish and they eat your dead skin! Sounds gross but I can’t find any information on it on the website. There were also some reptiles and spiders to view so it was great to walk out of the cold and see some warm exhibits.

Unfortunately for us, the sunny weather decided to retreat it had begun to rain. It’s a beautiful place to visit especially if you’re already in the area!

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