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Small Asian Market Haul

We typically buy more from the Asian markets in Amsterdam but we didn’t want to walk away with half the store and settled for some of our favorites.

Tao Kae Noi
The package says spice but these are very mild slices of bakes seaweed. It can be easily made at home with the right spices but since we were out of seaweed, I just grabbed a pack. It’s a super light and delicious snack! The seaweed flavor is strong though so it’s very easy to stop after one or two slices.

Hot Chicken flavored Ramen and Soba
This is a sinful food for me. Weighing in at 500+ calories per serving, I make sure that my meal plan for the day is super strict if I want to have a pack. I only use a few drops of the spicy flavor because adding the entire thing sets your whole mouth on fire, and not the good kind! It’s so spicy that you can’t taste the noodles so I would advice less is more with the sauce. Still, if you love spicy food, I recommend this!

Rice Vinegar
I want to start making more sushi in the house so I picked up some rice vinegar to flavor the rice. Eating sushi was a favorite of mine back in California. Sander isn’t a fan of sushi though, and the restaurants here aren’t as delicious (meaning no special sauces!) as they are back home. So instead, I’ve been making at home sushi with crab for me and teriyaki for Sander.

Sushi Seaweed
This probably needs no explanation but I use this for sushi, rice balls and if I want to make my own seaweed snacks. This pack was a bit expensive at €11 but it was the only one with 100 sheets. That’s way more than we can usually get at our local grocer.

Green Tea KitKat
If you’re a fan of exotic KitKat and/or love green tea then you have to try this flavor! Since I picked up the seaweed snack I promised Sander I wouldn’t have any Kitkat and I’m so sad! It’s a super delicious flavor where the matcha (green tea powder) and the crunchiness and chocolate flavor of a KitKat are married together into a wonderful and unique taste.

I hope that we can pick up a few more items the next time we visit but for now this was a good haul!

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  • Reply
    Mel & Suan
    February 20, 2018 at 3:01 am

    You gotta get to the bazaar at Beverwijk. Prepare to spend at least half a day.
    And the row of oriental supermarkets at Van der Madweg too!

    • Reply
      February 20, 2018 at 10:51 am

      Oh what good suggestions! I’ll have to look into both of them!

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