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5 ways to bounce back after being sick

I’ve been out of commission for most of this week thanks to a sudden flu attack. While I’m not 100% over it, I still have some things to do before the weekend. So what’s the best way to get a jump on things even if you still feel lousy?

Get clean
One of the first things I do after being sick is clean everything. I wash my sheets and wipe down anything I might have touched. It seems like a lot of work especially if you just recently cleaned but you’re doing yourself a favor. Being in a fresh and clean environment will encourage you to continue to be productive so that you won’t skip a beat. You’ll also help stop the spread of germs. And honestly, who doesn’t love crawling into a bed with fresh sheets?

Look at your to-do list
If you set goals but feel like you don’t have the energy to tackle it all at once… You don’t have to. Do one or two things at a time and then rest. It would be horrible to relapse right back into a terrible cold so pay attention to what your body needs and listen to it. Reward your hard work with a nap or a tall glass of orange juice. You’ll feel energized to take on the rest of your errands and you won’t feel like you wasted the whole day lying in bed.

Treat yourself right
It’s important to eat well even if you don’t feel hungry. Have light soups and don’t splurge on comfort foods. You’ll end up feeling worse if you have one too many sweets to make yourself feel better. I know that when I’m sick sometimes the only foods that have flavor are super sugary. Instead I brew a cup of tea that is naturally sweet to me. I’m currently head over heels for jasmine tea.

Take the time to catch up
If you really cannot drag yourself out of bed then make the most of it. Catch up on some reading or TV binging you’ve been putting off. If you can’t be productive you can still make the most of the day. If you want to have some educational value added in, read a memoir or watch a documentary!

Never push yourself
This is common sense but I feel like we usually forget because of today’s workaholic attitude. It’s important to lessen your recovery time so tackle only what you can do. If you push yourself you may end up staying in bed longer. Do what you can and don’t be apologetic about it. This body is the only one you have so care for it and it will care for you.

What other tips do you guys have for getting back up after a nasty cold or flu?

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