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How the Dutch celebrate spring

Everyone celebrates spring differently but there’s something about the way that the Dutch do it that makes it special. I read somewhere that when the sun is out, the Dutch come out as well and there’s so much truth in that! People leave their cars behind and take a fresh outlook on life. How do the Dutch do it? It’s actually pretty simple when you think about it!

Go for a bike ride
The Dutch are known for a handful of popular topics and one of them includes biking. Need to go to the store? Grab your bike. Need to travel to the train station? Grab your bike. Need to get from point A to point B in a downpour of rain in the middle of summer? Grab your bike. While this doesn’t sound fun for many of us who have the luxury of cars, the Dutch know  their way around bikes. Sander says he was on his own at 3 years old. # years old! So instead of forcing yourself to endure a bike ride, safe it for some warm spring weather. Take your bike to the park and ride around town if you can. The Dutch have this at the head of their healthy lifestyle and it shows.

Working in the garden
Nothing is more attractive to the Dutch than a lovely garden to sit in when the sun is out. All our neighbors began to work in their gardens soon as the earliest signs of spring arrived. Most of them gutted everything that had been previously been there and replanted from scratch. Now what remains are beautiful and lush spaces booming with color. Since we don’t have a garden we did our best to spruce up our balony. Last year we bought all new furniture and this year we’re adding greenery to it! I can’t wait to show it off once it’s ready.

Take coffee at an outdoor cafe
Picture yourself at the local cafe shop with a hot cup of your favorite drink in your hands. The birds are singing and it’s warm enough that you can wear shorts. There’s a balmy breeze that carries the scent of the flowers to you. This is what it’s like to sit in a cafe close to the Keukenhof. Not everyone can experience this wonderful feeling of calm that comes with it but you can get close! Head out to your local coffee shop and sit outside for once. Keep the phone in your pocket too!

Buy flowers at the market
This is such a Dutch thing to do. Every week there are outdoor markets for every town and city. Along come vendors that sell meats, cheeses, snacks, and of course flowers. Buying locally from these vendors ensures you get fresh blooms that can last up to a week if well cared for. Nothing brightens up a space like fresh flowers so pick up a few bunches and spread them around your living space. The smell will also liven up the area.

Have a BBQ
Honestly, as soon as the sun is out the scent of BBQ can be found everywhere. The Dutch keep it super simple with easy to make foods. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at my gourmetten post too. The foods are similar but the location is outdoors in your favorite chair. There’s something about sharing an outdoor space with loved ones that makes it feel like the seasons are changing. It’s the same good company but a different location allowed for new experiences. Things can never get boring this way.

How will you celebrate spring this year?

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