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Photography channels I’ve been watching

I’ve always had a deep appreciation and love for photography. However, I never went to school for it. I took a few photography classes in college but they were hardly anything professional. Now days, it’s easy to find tutorials and learn the skills to improve yourself.

For me, I’ve been watching the following channels to gain new insights and learn new techniques.

Mango Street
This newly wed couple has been posting videos on photography for a little over a year and a half but they already have over 600,000 subscribers. If that doesn’t interest you then none of the rest I have to mention will. This duo has changed the way I look at photography and artistic vision. From tips to color techniques, they have advice and critiques that cover a broad range of styles. If you want to jump head first into photography (if you’re a beginner) I highly suggest you visit their channel.

I just found Sorrelle recently so I can’t say I’ve been a long time fan. However her advice on photography is amazing and insightful. She covers a lot of travel photography but also covers model photography. If you want to up your selfie game or improve how you photograph others, I suggest you give her a chance. She can be a bit blunt but that’s it’s better than beating around the bush.

Peter McKinnon
Peter has slowly been moving into more videography than photography but he still has amazing quality in his videos. It’s awesome to see behind the scenes of his sets. He’s got some solid advice for people looking into urban photography and does deep into landscape photography as well. His channel can be watched by beginners but he’s got some technical stuff that might call for someone a little more familiar with shooting photos. Either way, his style is simply fantastic!

Yuri has high quality editing tutorials that are for people with knowledge of both photography and Lightroom. While you can be a beginner and watch his videos, it can be overwhelming at times. Lightroom is an intense program meant for photography. It can be compared to Photoshop in a few ways. However, Lightroom takes the control a photographer has over the image to the next level. I would advise learning the basics of Lightroom before taking a jump into his videos.

If you don’t want to watch too many of these channels, I do have a blog I’ve been following for a little over two years now. DIYP is a huge resource for a large number of topics that relate back to photography. From legal issues to tutorials, to how to choose your first camera, this website hits all the boxes. I always

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