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July to do list

I honestly can’t believe the year is flying by so quickly! I don’t have too much on my plate this month though so that’s a relief. I do have more Dutch homework to complete so somedays I feel like most of my time is going towards that. Otherwise I have a short list!

Pokémon GO Community day / Articuno Day
If you’ve been a long time reader, you know we take part in all of the Pokémon GO community days. This month we have Squirtle to hunt and find! Also during the last community event, a special Articuno event was unlocked. We’re doing both of these exciting happenings.

Haru’s surgery
Haru is scheduled to be spayed this month. Her first check up will be this coming Wednesday. Booker’s surgery went without any issues so I hope Haru will be healthy as well. Booker’s recovery was super fast so I’ll bet that Haru will be on her feet in no time.

Finish reading a few titles
I’ve started a few new books over the past few weeks but I have yet to finish them! Time to get sit down and get to business.

Visit Artis
Artis Zoo was such a fantastic trip last year. I’m hoping that we can make the time to go again this year. I enjoy learning more about animals and visiting a zoo is a decent way to help support the community as well. I was so tickled to find that racoons are housed at Artis when in America they’re everywhere!

Buy a new printer
Our printer isn’t working anymore and I’ve been slowly convincing Sander we need a new one. He might budge this month!

The rest of the month will be spend updating this space and photos too! I’m revisiting my oldest posts and updating all of the content. Sometimes this tasks takes a few hours and gets boring quickly so it’s nice to pace myself. I hope everyone else will have a wonderful July!

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