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I know I shouldn’t purchase more than what I need but this past month I slipped up! But I figure it’s about time I had a little bit of change in my life. I’ve usually commit myself to a seasonal capsule wardrobe. Now was the time to add a few fresh pieces. On top of that I got a few accessories to help add a bit of spice to my life. Of course, none of this is necessary, I wanted to live a little!

I know that recently Etsy has changed a lot of their ToS and that a few of my favorite artists have left it. Fortunately for them, this push has encouraged them to open their own stores! I don’t buy often enough to feature them though.

I got a new phone a few months back and of course I had to get a new cover. I’ve ordered with this company before so I trust them and jumped for joy when I found the iPhone 6 case with leaves. For some reason I’ve been on a big “leaf” kick lately and I love how the cover is not only tough, but beautiful at the same time.

I’ve been reading up on crystals and color me intrigued. I’m not a spiritual type nor do I believe in the power of healing crystals but I’ve wanted to own some for a long time. What I love is the idea behind each crystal. I love the the symbolism behind each stone. So I found a local provider and decided to get not one, but two bracelets. The Amethyst & Lepidolite and Tussah Silk Chakra Bracelet is for stimulating creativity, relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and promoting stabilization in life. This bracelet was put together to recover and charge forward. The second, Aquamarine, Carnelian & Garnet and Tussah Silk Bracelet helps to promote clarity, motivation, and a burst of energy to that inner fire. They both promote healing and invigorating of the soul! And boy do I need that!

Also added to my bag were three new shirts. I found the perfect shirt to show off my Pokémon GO pride. I snatched up a Team Mystic T-Shirt in black and Sander got one in white. We’ll be a perfect match at the next community day!

Another purchase was a couple of shirts for more personal matters. I’ll be attending the Amsterdam Gay Pride canal parade this year and wanted to show my support for some important people in my life. I picked up this simple yet bold LOVE T-SHIRT. It’s perfect because I can wear this on any day of the year and it will still fit in with my normal wardrobe. I also decided to get a My Body My Choice T-shirt. In more recent years I feel like the status of my body has been under consideration from outside parties. While I won’t get deep in the details, I want to be sure that people know that it’s my body and my choices are my own! Say it loud and say it proud!

There a bit of a nerd buy I need to admit to. I also got a Steven Universe custom patch for my backpack. I don’t see the exact patch in her store but she did have it at the most recent convention we went to. You won’t find spoilers out here but I got a gemstone patch of my favorite character. The quality of her work is fantastic and I will be going back for more patches if I need them!

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