Pokémon GO Event – Eevee

It’s time again for another round of Pokémon GO community events. The character in the spotlight for this month was Eevee! Its a cute and popular Pokémon known for its unique ability to evolve into many stronger characters. So let’s get right to the details!

The event
This was like any other community day. For 3 hours players walk around and find special spawns of the Pokémon with a unique move. This event the move is Last Resort. The added bonus was that if the player evolved their Eevee, it would also keep the special move. And if a player is lucky enough a shiny one will appear. The sources at The Silph Road poll the players and most of the time the ratio of shiny to normal Pokémon is 1:25. This time around it was 1:22.

Our plan
Our group headed out once again to the Kasteel Keukenhof to walk for 3 hours straight. We have a path we take that covers a majority of the park. Since there’s a lot of free standing art, there are a lot of places to catch Pokémon. We were able to catch everything we needed on day 1. But since this was a limited event community day (2 days instead of 1) we had to go back for more on Sunday. Between both days, I ended up with 23 shiny Eevees!

This event is a little different though and its raising a lot of concern. Eevee has many evolutions that are controllable in the 3ds version of the game. In Pokémon GO, however, the first three evolutions are random. Players who try for one evolution can end up with the wrong one. Many players are hesitating to evolve their shiny Eevees. The fear of getting the same evolution more than once is high. This is where trading comes in.

The trading system is new to the game. It allows players near by to trade Pokémon with one another. Players also can send gifts to each other. Sending a gift to a friend boosts the amount of perks they share. At the lowest friendship, it’s expensive to trade a Pokémon. The higher the friendship then the lower the cost to trade. Trading is amazing in other ways too. It allows players that travel stock up on rare and regional Pokémon. These can be brought back home to share with friends and family.

For now we’re all still reeling from the excitement of this community day. Our chat groups are live with texts about the catches. We’re also looking forward to the next community day, which will happen next month. No one knows what Pokémon will be featured but we’re all on the edge of our seats waiting for news.

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