What I’m looking forward to this autumn

I know it’s not even September but I’m already thinking of Halloween. And of course Halloween isn’t the only reason why I’m excited for the end of summer. While I don’t have too many things planned just yet I do have a small list growing.

DIY Halloween Decor
I had so much fun last year making my Nightmare Before Christmas jars. This year I want to do a little more around the house. I’ve already begun to think of how I’d like to spruce up the place for autumn but I’ll share those ideas when the time comes. I want to keep the house looking modern but festive as well. Thankfully there are a ton of places online to look for inspiration!

Autumn Fashion
Ah yes, sweater weather. A dip in the temperature makes me so happy! I get to wear sweaters, scarves and boots! Taking a walk in the rain is fun for now (winter rain will be so cold) so I need to treasure it. I don’t think I’ll be buying more sweaters this season though. I’ll be discussing why I’ve decided to not purchase any new clothing! I’d like to see if I can make it to the new year without buying anything else.

Stormy weather
I know it sounds like I’m a bit crazy but hear me out. There’s something about the moody weather that throws me into a creative mood. I want to do more crafty things when I hear rain on the windows. I want to create delicious treats when the weather turns cold. Maybe it has to do with me being a winter baby. It could also be that I’m a little crazy! Either way I’m ready to sit down and think of something fun to write about for Nanowrimo.

Holiday planning
We all know that as soon as Halloween is over, the ideas roll in for Thanksgiving. This year we’re planning on continuing the tradition that we started last year. Since last year went so well I want to make maybe one more dish. I’m not sure on what to make. I’m considering turning to one of my favorite dishes, Indian Wedding Rice. I also need to prepare for holiday baking. I want to continue to eat healthy so I doubt I’ll be going overboard like I did last year. But there’s always a little room for cake!

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