Pokémon GO Special Raid – Mewtwo

It’s no secret that we play Pokémon GO quite often. Most of the time we can go out on the weekends. But there are a few times I go out alone to play. These days are Mewtwo days and today was one of those days.

The elusive Mewtwo
One of the main objectives of Pokémon GO is to collect them all. Them, being 151 original Pokémon. Some of these monsters are regional. A year ago Mewtwo became a special catch for people who persisted and played the game often. Players who battled at select locations became eligible to compete and battle against Mewtwo. What does this mean? If a player battled at a gym over a one week period, they could get a special pass that would allow them to see Mewtwo. Players without passes cannot fight or catch it.

The main way of getting a Mewtwo pass is to battle at Ex-Raid gyms. These were locations chosen for many different reasons. These are the only places where a Mewtwo raid can pop up. To qualify to get a special pass, players need to battle over a period of one week. The passes are sent out Friday to those who are lucky. The rest will have to wait for the next week.

How to battle
Mewtwo isn’t a very hard Pokémon to fight. Today I was in a group that had 3 players who wanted to take it on themselves but they were well prepared. They fought with the best recommended team. Mewtwo can take as little as 7 or 8 players if they’re experienced. To take down Mewtwo with 3 players… Needless to say they’re maxed out in every aspect of leveling.

The best team to take down Mewtwo is a team of Tyranitars that know Bite and Crunch. Mewtwo is weak against Dark type moves. The ideal team would be 6 of these green dinosaurs. This challenge can be completed with other teams. But it’s recommended for beginnings to use their strongest Pokémon and fight in teams of as many players as they can find. Once the timer is up for this special raid, Mewtwo is gone!

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