31 Things I did before 31

There are times we all look back and think of what we’ve done in life. Since I turned 31 this year I decided to talk about the 31 things I did before I turned 31. It’s not impressive by any means. But this is the way I’ve lived my life so far. It’s not perfect but it is 100% me.

1. Moved out of my comfort zone
I could have stayed in America and dated in my hometown but instead I had bigger dreams.

2. Paid off my credit card debts
I just had one card but it’s paid off and cancelled. I don’t need it in Europe. It’s been amazing not having to worry about it.

3. Have fond memories to look back on
My time in California means so much to me. Sometimes I feel sad I left it behind but I never regret moving.

4. Took my cooking skills a step further
I’ve always wanted to bake so I decided to just do it. No regrets (except maybe calorie wise)!

5. Travelled to a country where I didn’t know the language
I’ve been to Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy without knowing a lick of the language! Lucky for me, everyone was so kind and understanding.

6. Admired myself
This seems self centered, I know. But if you’ve taken a selfie at some point, you’ve admired yourself!

7. Let go of the past
This one has been hard for me. I’ve got a lot of my childhood that still bothers me today but I remind myself that it’s behind me. My parents are human too and we all make mistakes.

8. Knew what I wanted in life
I’ve never had motherly instincts but when it comes to dogs… I have the biggest soft spot. For months before we got Booker I would call out every dog we saw walking. I still do that today. My dogs are my world and I can’t imagine life without them.

9. Treat myself
I did this a lot in 2018 and I want to continue into this year. This included figuring out what my body and mental state needs and feeding it accordingly.

10. Binge watched TV
This isn’t normal of me but I’ve had two shows (recently) that I’ve binged watched from start to finish. Bee and PuppyCat and Steven Universe.

11. Donated blood
I did this in highschool but never made the time to go back. I think it’s important to do at least once if you’re up to it!

12. Take Advantage Of Every Weekend
Sander and I do our best to make the most of our weekends. Sometimes we go out on adventures and other times we just hang at home. Either way we spend the time communicating and making sure we’re both happy and comfortable.

13. Established my dream job
What I’m doing now has been a dream I wasn’t aware of. When I was young I wanted to be a photographer and I wanted to write. I guess I’m doing that now.

14. I’ve learned to say sorry
I’ll admit I’m stubborn (not to the level that some Dutch are) and I find it hard to be apologetic. I do my best to not step on toes but sometimes it’s unavoidable. The best way to remedy this is to be sorry and mean it.

15. Decorate And Renovate
Our little flat is looking like it came off of Pinterest. Not because that’s how we want it to be, but because it’s what we find comfortable. And I’m damn proud of it!

16. Learned to get organized
I’ve slowly been getting organized and this year I’m taking it to the next level with a Bullet Journal!

17. Started a collection.
I have a few collections that I’m working on currently. I have a few book series collections. I’ve also got one comic book series that we go to Amsterdam for! I also have a pin board collection that’s been coming along quite well. I want to share it once it’s a little fuller.

18. Have a day dedicated to my childhood
Every so often I sit down and watch some movies from my childhood. Most recently I found A Troll in Central Park and I have yet to watch The Pebble and the Penguin!

19. Learned a new language
In highschool I learned Spanish, in college I did a semester of Japanese and now I’m waist deep in Dutch. It’s important that I learn it because I live in The Netherlands now.

20. Figured out what I wanted in a partner
After being in a relationship for nearly 10 years I thought I had known what I wanted. I was wrong. Instead I came to realize I wanted someone I could be around and never grow tired of. I’m an introvert and just being around people exhausts me. Sander has no such effect and I feel great being around him.

21. Set a reading goal
This is year three of tackling the Goodreads reading challenge. I’ve set the bar low this time because I want to read novels instead of comics. I hope it goes well!

22. Saw musical artists I loved play live
We got to see a lot of bands last year and we have one coming up in March!

23. Forgave my for mistakes
Life is too short to remember every mistake that’s been made. Learn and grow so that the next time will be easier.

24. Write about good things in life
This blog space has become a place where I write about the good things in life. Just because this space is positive, doesn’t mean that every day is a walk in the sun. I do have hard days, some more difficult than most, but reminding myself to stay positive helps me remain optimistic.

25. Stopped having regrets for the things I missed
I often think about the things I left behind and miss. How I should have studied harder or took some situations more seriously. But alas, we are human! I try a little each day to move forward.

26. Took on a hobby that challenges me
I’m working on drawing but it’s been a long road because I’m a perfectionist. I plan on stretching out a bit more with my bullet journal.

27. Stopped living for social media
When I began to do things for myself, I felt the pressure of social media slip away. I do want to get back to posting on my Instagram but I have to find something I love to photograph.

28. Celebrated Gay Pride
I have a handful of gay friends and the least I can do is support them in this small way. The Pride Amsterdam was beautiful and empowering. I love that Amsterdam embraces its sexuality!

29. Traveled to Europe multiple times
This one is on my mother. She wanted us to travel a lot but I don’t think she imagined I would leave America!

30. Accepted my flaws
I would say being a perfectionist is a huge flaw of mine. But now I use it now to my advantage. I’ve meet so many people who believe that I’m Dutch because my pronunciation is nearly spot on. It makes me feel proud that I’m so critical of who I am!

31. Learned how to play piano
I had piano classes when I was a child but don’t expect me to play something now! The experience was fun though and I feel like my fingers are stronger because of it.

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