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The holidays are fast approaching and I’m not ready! Of course what do we do when we can’t find what we want in stores (or if something is too expensive)? We DIY it! Do It Yourself has been a thing for ages now. I know when I lived in California, I didn’t have to rely on DIY very much. Now I live in The Netherlands. There are tons decorating ideas that feel different than what I’m used to. So I watch a lot of DIY Youtubers. I know I’ve talked about Youtubers before but now I’d like to share the DIY Youtubers that make me feel more at ease with the holidays around the corner.

These ladies are the go-to channel on Youtube. They cover so many different DIY topics, from Halloween costumes, room makeovers, recycling old clothing, creating furniture from scratch… These ladies have done it all. I love their “final touches” part of the room makeover episodes. That’s when the put the final touches into a space that take it from magazine cover to lived in location. It might not seem like much but it makes a huge difference. They haven’t started their holiday videos yet but they’re coming soon!

Hermione Chantal
I loved Hermione Halloween DIY videos and I’ve been watching her since. She’s got great and creative ideas for decorating on a budget. What’s even better is that she takes simple things and shows the viewer how to make them look expensive. That’s what I value in a DIY! Especially seasonal ones seen a few months out of the year. She also discusses ways to upcycle around the house so that nothing goes to waste.

Lone Fox
Talk about a man with a sense of style. Oh my gosh, I’m always head over heels for the mid-century look that Drew obsesses over. He does a lot of room decor and thoughtful DIY tutorials. Like any of the things he makes, I want. He’s got such a keen eye for what’s hot and never ending ambitious that lead to wonderful results.

If there was one relatable Youtuber on this list it would be Jen. She’s dedicated, clueless, and all around awkward. But I see myself in her and I’m always excited to what what she has to offer. She’s got some nifty DIY hacks for any season and I can’t wait until she comes out with her Holiday tutorials. She’s all about using cheap materials and the easiest methods though! Be prepared for what you’re getting into with her!

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