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My 2019 Favorites

Whew, the year is over and I made it without spending too much money on unnecessary things. I mean I did get a few things I didn’t need but I love trying out new products. But I found some items that work better for me. So while I did spend a little extra money, I found a few new things to add to my 2019 favorites. My skincare and makeup routines hasn’t changed much so if you’d like to check those out you can! You can see my makeup routine here and my skincare routine here. These favorites are a few things I’ve added on top of what I usually do.

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil Facial Oil
I’ve had bad acne ever since I was 12 and I still get spots once in a while. I do my best to minimize the swelling but I’m always left with a scar. This helps to fade and heal what’s been left behind. I’ve also noticed that it’s helped to lighten my under eye area. My dark circles are hereditary so I figured I couldn’t do much about them. Don’t apply oil to your eye area though. The oil stings and it’s not fun! I know it’s time to wash my makeup off when my eyes start to sting… But either way, this has been a game changer for me.

Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask
I’m so glad I allowed myself to splurge on this mask. It’s cooling, smells wonderful and helps me minimize those spots I was talking about. I can’t say this cleared up my skin but it’s helped me maintain a fresher appearance. I put this on once a week along with a few other face masks. It’s something for an evening of pampering for sure.

THE SAEM Iceland Aqua Moist Cream
I spoke about this cream a while ago and I’m still using it. It’s fantastic and light, for those days I don’t want too much cream on my face. It’s got a smooth and cooling texture too so it’s a dream putting it on. I’ve had this cream for a few months and I still haven’t hit the bottom because a little goes a long way.

Lush Tea Tree Water
This has been on my list for ages so it’s no surprise that it’s here. I use this twice a day after every face wash. It’s a breath of fresh air. My trick is to spritz my face a few times and apply cream before it dries. That way my face is a bit moist and the cream glides on. When everything dries, my skin looks baby smooth and ready for anything that comes next.

Lush Wasabi Shan Kui
This last one isn’t skincare but it’s in my beauty routine and I need to talk about it. It’s been on my 2019 favorites for months now and it’s high time I shared. This is my miracle shampoo. For the longest time I used Lush Big in shampoo and conditioner. But I found it left my hair a little too dry. When Wasabi came out I jumped on it. It’s changed everything about my hair. It still contains salt but it’s much less abrasive that Big is. It’s also got Wasabi and Mint crystals so do give it a smell before you buy. The sale associate warned me it was a strong and interesting scent but I love it. To me it’s fruity and minty at the same time.


3 CONCEPT EYES in Daffodil
I’ve been enjoying the Korean beauty trend and I discovered this brand from a few Youtubers I watch. Both oh no nina and Hana Lee used this color at one point and I fell in love. My skin tone is close to theirs and I loved the color so much I had to get one. After one use, it had already made it to my 2019 favorites. It’s a beautiful matte finish and honestly, a few dabs give more than enough pay off. No need to apply to the whole lip!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Prim
I bought this years ago as part of a Christmas package from Sephora. And yes, I know I should have tossed this long ago but I love this color. For my skintone it gives me a beautiful sun kissed flush. I can put it anywhere the sun may touch my face and fake that beautiful glow.

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation in Medium Olive
I’ve been able to clear up my skin pretty well. It’s to the point where I don’t need to wear a full face of foundation every day. When I do though, I reach for this one. The matte finish is smooth and never cakes on my skin. You can see my full review of it here.

NYX Dark Circle Concealer in Medium
This is my go to cover up for my under eye circles. It’s a great peach tone that helps coat the blue and purple areas that are tough to hide. What I love most is that I can blend it out enough so that it matches my skin tone and I don’t need to apply anything on top of it.

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer in True Beige
For those days without a full face, I reach for this stick of concealer to cover those nasty spots. It’s a great way to add a little bit of coverage without going heavy on anything else. It’s been a savior in the past few months and I wear a full face once or twice a week.

2019 favorites

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