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We had a date night at home

It’s been ages since Sander and I had a date night. We went on date lunches once in a while before the lock down and it doesn’t look like that will be ending any time soon. I don’t mind eating at home, in fact I prefer it. We get to eat healthier and we save some money. But sometimes there are nights where you want to go out and get swept away in the excitement of a date night. So what to do? Once evening I was looking out of the window and saw a delivery truck. And then it struck me. Why not order in? A ton of places are now offering home delivery. Sander liked the idea and we decided that Thursday would be a nice day to order in.

So we placed an order at a local place we hadn’t been to yet. It was an exciting experience and I’d love to do it again. So allow me to share what we did so that you can have a date night too!

Try something new
The restaurant we ordered from specialized in Dutch pancakes but their take out menu was limited. Instead of ordering something simple, we decided to go for something excited. Delivery was free if our order was over €30 so we added in an appetizer and dessert too. It was exciting to think about stepping out of our comfort zones when it come to food. Usually we keep it sweet and simple so that there would be no stress involved. But since this whole experience was something new, why not go all the way? Do be familiar with what you order though! I almost ordered something that I might have not liked. It took Sander’s explanation for me to realize I would have ordered something I would have regretted! I’m still learning Dutch and I still need help sometimes.

Don’t go overboard
Since this would be an “on the couch dinner,” we stayed in our comfortable clothes. But, we did light a candle and brewed a fresh pot of tea. Don’t feel like you need to dress up to share a delicious meal. But heck, if you want to dress up, then do it! Make your own rules but don’t push yourself too far that it becomes a hassle. A date night at home should be fun and freeing for the both of you. In these troubled times it’s especially necessary for us to seek comfort in our loved ones so don’t hesitate to do so.

Set the scene
We opened all the windows and let the fresh spring breeze grace us during our meal. It made us feel like we were eating at an outdoor restaurant! Sometimes it’s the little details that you put into date night that make it memorable. If you can’t open the windows, set up a few candles and dim the lights. You can even take out the food plates if you have them! Turn off the TV and put on the radio for some mood music too. You guys can watch TV anytime during the lockdown, but dinner happens once a say. Take the time to treat it like a real date night and share some words with your loved ones.

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