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Saturday Updates

Things have been a bit slow for us here. We were suppose to spend this week in Belgium but I’m sure you’re aware of the travel situation. So instead Sander and I spent a quiet week at home. It’s been nice though and I’m glad we did. So since we didn’t do much, I’d like to share a few updates on what we’ve been up to.

Last Friday I spent the entire day cleaning the house from top to bottom. I know that I get lazy when Sander is home. Something about seeing him lounge around makes me want to as well. So I got all the housekeeping out of the way. That way our living space would be tidy, welcoming, and easy to maintain. We kept the windows open as much as we could so that the spring air refresh all the rooms. It was so nice to come back from a walk with the dogs to a home that was fresh and breezy. I also got new sheets for the bed! We have more updates we need to make for the rest of the house but those will come.

Quality time with the dogs
And speaking of the dogs, Sander got in a lot of quality time with them. They spend all day with me and I walk them alone. So it was nice to have Sander walk them with me. Our neighborhood has a lot of safe spaces for dogs to walk. They need to be on leash, but we have two Shiba Inus! There’s no way we would want them to be off leash. There’s only one park that we can do that in but it’s not too safe to visit it right now. It tends to be popular with other dog families and Booker has a habit of joining them on their walks!

Rekindling hobbies
Sander has spend many hours reading while I’ve been working on my Youtube channel. My week didn’t change much but I know he’s enjoyed the quality quiet time. He’s been reading an online series with over 4,000 chapters. Can you believe that?! He finished it earlier this week and has started on a new one with 1,200 or so chapters. Talk about an avid reader! I know he works hard and so I like to give him as much space so chill out when he’s home.

Hang out with friends
And by this I mean online friends! It’s such a wonderful feeling to hop online to play some games with friends. Sander and I have our own online gaming groups with players from all over the world. It’s interesting to get world updates from people in different countries. I’ve got friends in Australia, Singapore and even India! Everyone has their own story to tell and I love the process of sharing it all. And of course they get updates from us too!

Indulged in eats
I want to say that we usually eat healthy. This week was an exception.. There was pizza, strawberry cake, cookies, and a whole lot of other tasty meals. It’s been a lot of fun pretending that we’re on vacation. And of course I’ll be sad to return to our normal eating habits but I do miss my salads! I would love to have a tabletop mixer in the future and that might be sooner than I had hoped! From all the money we’ve been saving by not going on vacation, we have a little extra that we can dip into. I’m still debating on which mixer to get but I know I want one that can do both baked goods and bread! Boy do I love me some homemade bread!

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