Pokémon GO Fest 2020

This year’s Pokémon Go Fest is now a worldwide event that isn’t limited to a particular country. We all know it’s difficult to travel right now and the folks at Niantic didn’t want to skip out on Go Fest. So instead, the festivities are coming to you! I’ll update this page as we continue the event but I’d like to get the news out there to people who haven’t heard about it yet. There are 2 days for GO Fest this year and all you have to do is buy the ticket through the Pokémon GO App. Everything is digital and done with no fuss.

Day 1
The 1st day is July 25 and begins at 10am. During a normal GO Fest, the event location is split into several “habitats” where specific spawns generate. This year the habitats rotate so that it’s easier to catch Pokémon. The changes take place every hour so you won’t have to wait long. There’s also a Global event challenge where trainers team up for a huge challenge. Completing the challenge presents bonuses! There should be over 75 different Pokémon to catch in all of the events to do. The 1st day ends at 8pm so there’s plenty of time to get out there and hunt.

Day 2
The 2nd day is the 26th and event hours remain the same. No details have been presented for Sunday so it’s going to be a surprise! You bet I will return to update this post about what happened!

You can find more information at Pokémon GO Fest 2020

Saturday Review
I’m not sure how well you’re acquainted to the Dutch weather but boy was it bad today! Nothing but rain from morning until night. Sander and I started right at 10am and stayed out in the rain until noon. We carried umbrellas and took cover under as many trees as we could. The rotation spawn types were a cool idea. After 12pm, we drove around in Sander’s car for a little while. We hit up popular spots that we knew would have little car traffic and be safe for us to idle if we needed to. After a while we got tired and went home for lunch. From there we got cozy on the couch and played for a few more hours from the comfort of home. The special tasks we had to do weren’t too difficult and easy enough to finish before 2pm. Sander felt bad that it rained all day but that’s something that couldn’t be helped. We both ended up with a lot of unique shiny Pokémon, so that was a huge plus! I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow since the details are secret but I hope the weather clears up!

Sunday Review
Let me just preface: I had high hopes for this day and was super excited. What this day ended up being was a recycle of previous events. The Team Rocket events have been pushed quite often this year because players are stuck at home. Unfortunately, that means that the event planners thought it would be a nice idea to have us play it again… and again… and again… So once again, we had to battle Team Rocket Grunts, fight their leaders and free Pokémon. Fun idea right? Not if you’ve played this exact premise for most of the year. It’s stale content and a nice way to let players know that the people behind the scenes aren’t interesting in bringing out new events. Now, I also have an older phone which doesn’t support the game very well so the best way I could play was on my Ipad on the couch. Which actually turned into me binge watching TV while idly checking my screen every so often.

Was it worth it
I’ve stopped Pokémon GO months ago. Sander’s been using my account and that’s fine with me. For me, the game lost is appeal when we had to rely on other players to take on events. I understand that the game is about uniting communities, but that’s not the game I grew up with. I enjoyed the original Pokémon games because I didn’t have to worry about other players. I had my own little world and my own journey. Pokémon GO just continues to milk the players for money while bringing lackluster content to the table. And while I don’t mind that Sander continues to play and have fun, I feel bad when he has to play alone and I’ll tag along. So I can say that I only play for his sake, and most of the time I’m mad about it, haha. If you don’t mind the bad business practices, the terrible support, and the “same old same old” that the game continues to provide, then I think the event would be worth it for you. For me, on the other hand, I think it was a waste of €15.00. That money was spent playing the frustrating game from my couch. The idea of the Pokémon GO Fest is that players travel from all over the world to join in the fun. I understand that the world isn’t that place anymore, but the game developers don’t have the balls to give the players something good. I hope the next time is better but I can’t say I have high hopes for that.

Sander, on the other hand, had a blast. He came away with 20 shinies between the two days. He walked around for about 3 hours because the sun was out! He says that he enjoyed Sunday more because of the free spawns. The rotating habitats weren’t fun for him but he liked when everything was up for grabs. He said he’d do it again but he hopes that next time will be another location festival. The ones in Europe aren’t too hard for us to get to. We were supposed to go to the Liverpool Fest but it was cancelled due to the virus. I will admit I love the idea of travelling to attend a Pokémon GO Fest but doing one in my backyard isn’t appealing at all.

Now you can be the judge!

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