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Autumn Trader Joe’s Care Package

My mom knows that I’m head over heels for Trader Joe’s and that nothing excited me more than their autumn treats. So when I asked if she could send me a couple of things, she went above and beyond. She bought me some to send to me. It’s not often that I can receive a care package. Shipping costs are so expensive and delivery time has become much longer because of Covid. Nevertheless, my mom took the time and effort to send me a wonderful package and I just had to share what she sent.

What is it?
A care package can be anything. It can be goods, clothes, comforting items… The list goes on and on. For me, a care package is a bit of everything from back home that I can’t get in The Netherlands. I grew up in California. Living there spoiled me to the core! I could visit the beach and the mountains in the same day. There were fast food places everywhere and let me tell you, the flavors are to die for. Especially when it comes to heritage food. Now I can’t get Mexican food here but I can connect to my SoCal roots with that good old pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin Spice for days
My mom knows I’m a sucker for limited edition flavors and pumpkin spice is high up there. My favorite pie is pumpkin pie! It’s one of the reasons I look forward to Thanksgiving. Especially now that I live so far from home. Thanksgivings were always strained but now they hold so many memories. But I’m not the only person who enjoyed a pumpkin themed treat. Because of that, Trader Joe’s has a million different produces that chase the pumpkin dream. And of course my mother had to send me some!

All the baking
The important thing about shipping items overseas… Never send perishables! So my mom packed a ton of things that I could bake on my end. Everything from pumpkin spice bread and muffins to pumpkin spice pancakes and oatmeal. She did also send some cookies and biscotti but that’s besides the point. Be careful with what you send! I’m so thankful for the variety she provided me with. I can grab something easily and throw it in the oven when a craving hits. Everything so far has been delicious and I can’t wait to taste test the rest of what she sent.

Interesting flavors
I had never seen Mango gummies before so my mom sent me a pack. They’re so tasty! Mango and peach are my favorite flavors so these gummies hit the spot. However the microwaveable muffins… Were gross. It’s a gluten free protein muffin meant to be made fresh when water and heat is added. I tried it out but the flavor was overwhelmingly egg… So I couldn’t finish it. I mean a muffin that tastes like egg whites? That’s a nope from me.


I’m sad to say that I can’t link to these items from the Trader Joe’s page. Since it’s a store that has produce dependent on location, it’s impossible to have everything online. If you do have a chance to visit one, I suggest you do. Trader Joe’s was one of my favorite grocery stores because of all the amazing food they had. My favorite were the ready made Indian foods. I could come back from work or school and have a hearty and ready to eat meal at any time.


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