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Function of Beauty

I spend some of my free time watching Youtube channels and a few of them have talked about Function of Beauty. I’ve had an interesting hair journey so far and my latest routine has left me wanting a bit more. So I opted to order a box when Function of Beauty had a discount. I went for a single box with the shampoo and conditioner in the smaller size of 8 oz. What is Function of Beauty? A company that…

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Why it’s OK to be Imperfect

In a world full of Photoshop, Instagram and high profile influencers, it can be difficult to embrace personal imperfections. When we see strangers living picture perfect lives, we begin to crave that for ourselves. It’s an intimidating feeling and while most of these photos are staged and heavily edited… We still tell ourselves we want to live those lives. But life isn’t perfect and we shouldn’t be either. So what to do in a world that demands we cover our…

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Celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day

Flowers and candy are good and all but let’s remember what Valentine’s Day is all about. It’s about showing love to yourself and the ones you love most. Even if you’re going life solo right now there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day too. Regardless of your relationship status, here are some ways you can treat yourself and the ones you love! Picture it now Plan out a loose idea of how you want the day to go.…

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