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Dinner at Le Paddock

This year was our first Valentine’s day together but Sander and I are pretty anti-social people. We knew that even though the holiday isn’t very big in the Netherlands (and by big, I mean you won’t see those cute cards that children pass out to classmates sold in the stores here). I believe that here, Valentine’s day is more of an adult event, couples do dinner and women receive flowers or chocolates, etc. So since we didn’t want to have to deal with being around more people than we needed to, we decided to have our romantic date the Sunday after the 14th.

See we both like the idea that less is more, as in dealing with people. The less we deal with strangers, the more fun we have. That’s just who we are. Anyways, he made reservations at a restaurant that he was familiar with. Le Paddock sits in the heart of the Hoofddorp shopping center but is not, by any means, a shabby place. It was decorated with quiet candlelight and striking red accessories but we were not there for atmosphere.

We first ordered a light appetizer which was bread and two spreadable butters, one was garlic but I had no idea what the second was. Most of the food didn’t seem too mouth watering, most were meats I don’t prefer but I found a chicken meal that seemed doable. Unfortunately I forgot that when the Dutch serve their Satee meals, the kabbab meat is always covered in peanut sauce. Many times this is an unspoken rule, you order satee, you’ll get the peanut sauce. It wasn’t listed on the menu has having a sauce so I forgot. I’m not allergic but it feels like having watered down peanut butter over chicken and for me that’s not appealing. Fortunately the peanut taste was very light and not bad. This did raise a red flag for me though.

If I had been allergic to peanuts I would have had to send my meal back. Keep in mind when ordering, you should always ask about the meal. Tell them you have an allergy to something specific and that they won’t add that to the meal.

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