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What’s in my bag – Amsterdam edition


We’re super lucky that Amsterdam is only about 30 mins away by train or car. Since we don’t visit often, we like to go prepared. A day trip to Amsterdam includes the following, Pokémon hunting, fast food meals, popping into new stores, and visiting our favorite spots. Taking too much will tire us out quickly so we’ve come to a solution, pack only what’s necessary.


The backpack {similar here}
A backpack is much more practical to travel with than a purse. It’s easy to take off if you board a train and it’s harder for it to be stolen. It’s a hand’s free method of carrying the things you need to take with you. Don’t even get me started on how much easier it is to ride a bike with a backpack instead of a purse! I used to be a purse fiend. I would never leave the house without one because it held everything (and then some!) I needed for the day. I’d often use my purse for up to five years (or until they fell apart from use). I still have my “current” purse but it’s been stored away for now. Changing countries means changing tastes and discovering what is practical.

I got this Shiba Inu wallet from Kinokuniya USA when Sander and I were in America this past May. It’s more like a small camera case but since this was the closest thing to a wallet with Shiba Inu on it, I just couldn’t help myself. My old wallet had been a bit big for everyday life (it’s perfect for traveling) so I needed something for the essentials, like my Residency permit, some spare cash and my train/bus pass. The brand is Wasabi but I can’t find any online retailers.

Bottled water
We usually end up walking 3 or 4 miles. While this doesn’t really seem like a lot, try adding in carrying shopping bags, dodging tourists (and bicyclists) and wandering into newly discovered areas. Sander usually creates a map every time we visit, a sightseeing guide to new experiences. Our last visit took us to several nerdy stores, including A Space Oddity and Knuffles Amsterdam. Water is always a must because, even out here, the weather can get really hot. Keeping hydrated keeps us moving at a decent pace and prevents us from burning out too quickly.

Pokémon Go Plus (Find it here)
I’ve states many times before that Sander and I are huge gaming nerds. We started playing Pokémon at launch and played enthusiastic when I came to live with him. However, we took a break when winter set in. Riding a bike in winter requires one to be bundled thickly and we weren’t ready to take on that sort of dedication to the game. Now that the game has expanded again, we’ve been exposed to the community around us. Boy, are we behind! Amsterdam has tons of locations that are beneficial for players so we never leave the house without our game faces on.

External cellphone charger (Find one here)
With the way that we play Pokémon Go, Sander and I are in constant need for more battery life (my iPhone especially is moody when the game is open). I got this years ago but it’s still so useful. The charge on it is , which means it’s got a high yield. Look for one with a high capacity for longer use times but these numbers might vary. Just be aware of how much juice it can provide so you aren’t caught in a lousy situation.

Hand Sanitizer 
I’m a bit of a neat freak. My favorite childhood story about my slight obsession with staying clean, is how I used to wrap my money in tissue paper so I wouldn’t have to touch it. Even now, I’m excited to see when I pull out paper money from freshly washed pockets. Untainted money is the best kind of money! Alas, the whole world cannot be clean so I like to keep my hands clean. I always carry at least one bottle of hand sanitizer with me just in case.

Extra shopping bags (Find this one here)
In Europe, if you go shopping without a bag, you’ll probably end up paying for one. If your backpack isn’t large enough to hold what you buy, bring some shopping bags with you. They’ve recently implemented this system in America but I’ll admit it took me months to remember to bring bags with me. Even now I’ll forget sometimes and we end up buying a bag. It’s not expensive, maybe 15¢ or so but it makes it hard to keep them in pristine condition for multiple uses. Invest in cloth bags so you can wash them if you need to. The one I have is one of the limited edition bags from Ikea from the STUNSIG line. Get one before they’re all gone!

I hardly carry anything with me now days and I feel so free! What do you pack when you go on a day trip?

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