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How to develop an exciting routine

It’s easy to fall into a routine that’s pretty lackluster. We become content with a messy room or put off doing busy work as long as can just because it feels too tedious. If we take the time to develop healthy habits, a boring routine can easily be defeated. Doing mundane things can actually be fun and in the end, you feel better about yourself and your personal environment.

A new routine can be anything from simply cleaning up after each meal or incorporating a bit of reading time into your day. It can be as long as you need it to be. For me, my morning routine begins with a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and yogurt. I follow that up with a long walk with the dogs. After we get back, they nap as I work. I do this every day and it feels refreshing each morning.

Whatever the task, it will take a strong will to maintain this new habit. The most important thing to do is make it fun and make it work for you.

Invest in yourself
Think about why you want to add or create a new routine. Is it because you want to wake up feeling better about the day? Or do you just want to be organized? It’s important to think about why you want to change before you do it. This way you have purpose behind your actions. Have you ever wandered into a room and forgotten what you were doing? If you do a routine without thinking about the why, you’ll experience the same sensation. It will be easier to fall out of your new routine if you forgot why you wanted to develop it in the first place.

Save a time slot
Now that you know why you want to pencil something new into your life, do just that. Pencil it in. If you make a specific time slot for your new routine to fit into, chances are you’ll remember to do it. Not only that, but you’ll feel guilty if you don’t! If you can talk yourself into making a specific time period for your new habit or routine then chances are you’ll do it more often than not.

Take the time to do it
Building a good routine will not happen overnight. It takes time and dedication to develop what works for you. As you work through your new task make sure you enjoy doing it. Put on some guilty pleasure music so you can indulge when you do laundry. Watch reruns of your favorite shows when you do the dishes. Reward yourself as you work through your new routine. If you’re going to be doing it everyday, make sure you grow to love it. It will not only become easier but you’ll never feel like procrastinating.

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