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How to spring clean your life

Spring cleaning is always easier said than done. While it takes time and effort to do a good job, it doesn’t have to take more than one day. If you’re struggling to get up and go with your spring cleaning here are some things to consider! Everything happens with baby steps so don’t push yourself.

Put away the old
Now is the best time to put away the winter clothes that have been clogging up your wardrobe. Store those furry boots you loved to wear in the cold. Switch out your makeup and nail polish for spring colors. If the weather is warm enough you can even put away the 2nd blanket you’ve got on your bed. I know everyone has one. Take your time and pack all these items away. If you have time you can give them a wash or spritz them with your favorite perfume. They’ll smell fresh and new when it’s time to take the out again.

Donate the unused
If you find yourself with items that you didn’t use during the winter, consider donating them. If you haven’t worn something in two years then it’s safe to say you might never wear them again. Allow someone else to get use from these items unless they are intimate clothing pieces. Toss anything you can’t donate so that you have room for clothing you actually wear.

Take inventory
Now that your spring items are all out it’s time to take note of what you have and what you’re missing. My sneakers from last year were filled with holes so I tossed them and got a new pair. I had those shoes for 5 years so it was hard to say goodbye but I love my new ones! Replace anything you need for the season to come so that you’re prepared! If you know you have a wedding coming up do a little shopping beforehand. This way you can take your time and choose something you love instead of grabbing the first thing you see. You’re more likely to wear it even after the event you bought it for.

Change up the space
If your goal is only to simplify your wardrobe then consider reorganizing how you keep it. Keep all your casual clothing together or even organize by color. Changing up how you see your wardrobe can inspire you to wear pieces you wouldn’t choose. This also allows you to see your wardrobe with new eyes. It’s helpful when you wear the same clothing over again and want a fresh start. If you want to change up your living space then consider moving furniture around. If that’s too much of a change then move around photos or knick knacks. Books move around all the time in our house so I’m always mindful of the titles we have!

Keep it authentic
If you’re forcing yourself to get things done then stop. If you’re forcing a space to work when it isn’t then stop. Your home will always feel more organic if you allow it to come together. Don’t add colors you don’t like because they’re on trend right now. Don’t decorate in a style you hate because it’s in season. Let yourself be comfortable with your likes and dislikes and move on from there. Nothing hurts yourself more than coming home to a place where you don’t feel like you belong!

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