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A Dutch spring uniform

Top Jeans Shorts Sneakers Trench Sunglasses Socks Earrings

The Dutch are always outside especially when the sun is out. That doesn’t mean it’s warm though and dressing for the occasion can be difficult.

Let’s imagine you’re visiting The Netherlands and you have a full day ahead of you. You’ve got to bike to the local cafe to meet your coworkers for a morning coffee. Then after that you need to make your way down to a flower viewing. For lunch you decided to hit the beach for some sand betweens your toes. Dinner is your close friends in the heart of Amsterdam. How can you do it all in one day?

The Dutch spring uniform.

Make for travel and light weight to handle the sun at its warmest, the Dutch uniform is the go do for many young Dutch women. The outfit begins with a colorful shirt that’s a statement in itself. It seems like a tame choice but the Dutch are a special breed of people. Subtle fashion is at its core here. Minimalistic earrings bring a bit of shine without too much drama.

You begin the day with your sunnies and black jeans. The shorts are for when it’s gets too warm around noon. Longer shorts are quite popular here because no one takes a car when the sun is out. Everyone is on their bike, no matter how old you are!

At the beach you can take off those sneakers and socks and dig your toes deep into the cool sand.

Once the sun begins to set it’s time to rock those jeans and a fashionable trench coat that’s both light and flattering. The evenings here aren’t too cold but they can get chilly.

The Dutch are always on the go so it’s best to plan out for the entire day. The weather here is unpredictable at times so being prepared is key. Feel free to mix up any of these pieces for something more practical. I’ve seen women on bikes hauling trees home from the garden store. If they can do it, you can do it too!




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