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How the Dutch eat fries

I’m missing out on the 4th of July celebrations back home. To help lighten the mood, I’m going to share a bit of information I have about the Dutch and fries. I came from America so all I know is “a side order of fries please.” I had no idea what was in store for me when I moved to The Netherlands. The Dutch are serious about their fries and have a variety of ways to enjoy them.

All about the options
Here, fries are the main dish. Snacks like chicken nuggets or other fried finger bites ordered on the side. More often than not, only fries are the main meal. It’s quite a change from what I knew back home.

Mix it up
Fries cannot be enjoyed without sauce. I think both Americans and the Dutch can agree on that. But ketchup and mustard aren’t the popular choices here. There are unique flavors that the Dutch enjoy. Pindasaus is a good example. As an American, can you imagine putting a thick paste of peanut butter, ketchup with a dash of sugar? The answer is no. There are even mixes of mayo, peanut butter and onions. Or how about a curry variant? The list goes on for ages!

Yet, mayo is the most common topping. It’s the most sold sauce, especially to tourists. While having a huge dollop of mayo on my fries may sound like a good idea, my tummy often ends up mad at me! Instead I opt for a small squirt of Samurai Sauce, which is mayo and a bit of sriracha added in.

Easy to go
A nice side of having fries being so popular, is that they are in high demand. This means a mode for an easy take away is necessary. Fries can be packaged into a handheld wrap, accompanied by a wooden fork, so that the buyer can take it to go! I wish we had something similar in America!


While this is what I’ve been exposed to in the North of Holland, I can’t say this is typical Dutch behavior. All the provincances probably have their own favorite ways of eating fries. What I’ve seen is a tiny glimpse into the lives of the Dutch eating habits.

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