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A simple simmer pot

The holiday season seems to have a scent all its own. Delicious scents permeate the air as the weather changes outside. There’s nothing like coming home to a house that smells like fresh baked goods. I’ll admit that I too have my lazy days but I still want the house to smell scrumptious. So what should I do? Make a simmer pot. What is a simmer pot? It’s a pot of water with various ingredients. It’s sole purpose is to simmer on the…

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Jars

I’ve been searching local stores and online party supplies for classic and tasteful Halloween decor. Let me say it’s been a struggle. There’s so much more to Halloween than gore and rave parties. But unfortunately that’s all I’ve been able to find where I live in North Holland. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. These Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Jars were so fun and easy to make. I couldn’t help but share how I did it. First,…

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