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Autumn Makeup Routine

Here it is, my simple Autumn Makeup Routine. It’s not fancy and it’s not amazing. It’s usually a 5 minute face. When I lived in America my routine was so much longer. I find that as I get older, I want to spend less time in the bathroom. But I do still have imperfections I want to cover. Before I apply makeup I start off with my skincare routine.

I like to mix my Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer in with my lotion so that it can sink in . I find that mixing the two provides an equal application for my whole face. This way I won’t have patchy places where my foundation won’t sit evenly.

My dark circles are very dark and I inherited them from my mother. There’s nothing I can do to fix them. So I need a peach toned concealer to combat the purples of my undereyes. The NYX Dark Circle Concealer is a good enough shade and formula to cover my tired looking eyes. This is the only concealer I can find in the right shade so I use it for now. The unfortunate thing is that they tend to crease as the day goes on so I have to do a few touch ups.

Next I apply my Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation with a Beauty Blender. The application is flawless and lasts all day. I enjoy wearing a foundation that doesn’t need a lot of attention. I’ve been using Make Up Forever for years now and I still think it’s worth every cent.

If I’m feeling particularly excited about going out then I apply some Amazonian clay 12-hour blush. I have a few of these so the color varies on the type of look I’m going for. To add the cherry on top I also apply a thin layer of ohii True Matte Lip in Supreme. I actually stumbled into this color from watching Hana Lee’s Sultry Fall Makeup Tutorial. It was the right shade I was looking for and I got so excited when I saw it. I’ve been searching for that perfect dark lip to rock during the cold months and here it is!

To finish off the look I apply a few spritzes of L.A. Girl Pro Setting Spray. The finish is a beautiful matte that doesn’t look too dry. I still have oily skin so this helps to take away from that “too oily” look. What oils do come out end up looking dewy and not too gross!

And while it’s not a makeup item, I need to include my perfume. It’s the Lush Ectoplasm Perfume from Halloween. It’s a beautiful and sweet citrus that makes me feel like I smell like a field of grapefruit. I love using it in the morning because the scent breathes life into my tired soul!

After a long day this entire look holds pretty damn well. I can wear it for hours without needing to worry about how it looks. And as the day goes on the look ages well. I love this simple routine. It’s not too much and it keeps me feeling good about what I see in the mirror!

At night I double cleanse with The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash and follow up with the end of my skincare routine.

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