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I’m more of a one and done with books. Once I finish up the last page of a book, it a part of my past. Yet I do have a handful of titles that never leave the back of my mind. Some of them are pretty standard but others are more personal for me. This post should be “Book series that I want to reread”. Either way I’d like to reabsorb their contents someday. The unfortunate thing is that I don’t own most of these books anymore. I’d love to repurchase them once we have a proper bookshelf to house them in.

The Animorphs
I finished this series before I even went into high school so it’s long overdue. For years this series was what I lived for. Every month we would go to the bookstore and I would come home with a new volume. I don’t want to say that Animorphs inspired me to write because I can’t remember so far back. It is, but, the oldest series that I own. The entire collection is packed in a box waiting for me to retrieve it (from California). I hope to do so sooner than later.

The Hunger Games
When I read this series, I’m pretty sure I read them a little too fast. I remember plowing through the first two in a week. When I got my hands on it I had finished it in two days. Those were the glorious days where I could go to bed at 9pm and read until 4am. I can’t do those hours anymore and it does sadden me. But this time around I can take my time and read into the deeper meanings behind this popular series.

Neil Gaiman’s books
The first book I read by him was a collaboration title he worked with Terry Pratchett on. The book was called Good Omens and is now getting a TV adaption. Since then I’ve read a small handful of his books. There are a few authors I have yet to pick up because I would want to take notes on the way they write. Gaiman is one of them. It’s for this reason that I tend to read his books both slowly and hungerily. His is the only book collection that I actively buy right now. We have little free space to keep books but I will snatch up his when I see them. They live in my closet at the moment.

The Night Circus
I loved this book so much when we had to read it for book club. A part of it inspires my wardrobe today. I do regret giving up my red scarf and I’m still searching for one to replace it. Either way the memory of this book had lasted with me for ages now. It’s time for a reread. She’s also got a new book coming soon!

The Warm Bodies Series
This is another series that I plowed through in my youth. Ah, those endless nights of reading. It’s been a long time and the final book has been published. Now is the best time to reread and refresh my knowledge of the universe. Even though it feel out of popularity, I still love the story behind it. The first book was the tip of the iceberg of the world and the people that live there.


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    December 11, 2018 at 4:57 am

    I loved Night Circus too, and miss you and the book club! I’ve been listening to a podcast called Binge Mode Harry Potter, which walks through all of the books in excruciatingly nerdy detail. While some of their comments are a bit off color for my taste, overall the podcast has been a great way to reconnect with the series, and also to see the books from a different perspective. I also loved the in depth analysis of JK’s writing choices, which gave me a whole new respect for the brilliance of the series and some inspiration to delve back into my own creative writing. Plus, it’s a great way to pass my driving and housecleaning time.

    • Reply
      December 11, 2018 at 3:54 pm

      I miss you too! I found the Podcast and subscribed to it! I like how some parts are divided into chapter sections. That would make it super easy to read and then connect with the podcast. I want to dive in and see how it goes. Thanks for the recommendation!

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