Dutch-Oven Jalapeño Cheddar Bread

It’s no secret that I love spicy foods. There’s something about that gentle burn and the acidic flavors that light up my life. However living in The Netherlands makes it difficult. Many spicy foods are mild for my taste buds. I take any chance I can to find something to sate my hunger. A friend of mine shared this recipe with me and it’s just too good to not share. It’s for a super easy Jalapeño Cheddar Bread!

I’m a fairly safe chef. I stick to recipes because I’m not experienced enough to venture on my own. I was given the link for Dutch-Oven Jalapeño Cheddar Bread and knew I had to make it. See I’ve never made bread before and this is perfect for beginners.

I was able to get away without using bread flour. It makes a much softer final product. If you like crunchy bread tops don’t worry. The cheese that’s applied to the top makes that easy. I also used both white and red cheddar for added flavor. It did not disappoint! I also could only find Jalapeños in a can so I used the whole thing. It was still spicy! Make sure to keep the seeds for the spicy version or remove them for something milder.

The most important part of this the Dutch-oven. Once you’ve got your lump of dough and cheese inside of it, it cooks itself! There’s no need to check it or even wonder if it’s fully cooked. I was so worried when I pulled it out of the oven! But it was better than perfect.

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    January 2, 2019 at 6:51 pm

    Dat ziet er lekker uit!

    • Reply
      January 2, 2019 at 7:38 pm

      Heerlijk (maar een beetje pittig)!

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