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March to do list

It’s already 3 months into 2018! It feels like yesterday I was turning 30 and now it’s already March. They say as you get older, time seems to fly, but it’s going too fast! So for this month I have a few more things I’d like to tackle and I can’t wait to get started.

Mount our new tapestry
We have a large tapestry hanging in our living room on our statement wall. It allows for us to change up the mood when without having to paint. Now that spring is coming, I want to put up our newest one, pictures to come soon!

Maintain a healthy lifestyle
I’ve been doing my best to adopt healthy dietary habits into my life. When I first came to The Netherlands, I was overwhelmed by the different foods that were available. I admit that I completely gorged myself! It’s time I get back in shape. Even if I make a slip up here and there (I can’t resist pizza) it’s important to not lose hope. It’s best to keep in mind that one day of indulgence has about the same effect as one day of dieting. A healthy lifestyle will always be a reflection of what I do.

Bring a little more green into the house
I know I keep saying this but the weather has been so terrible that haven’t had the time to get some. I hope that we can make time at least before the end of the month arrives. I was introduced a new nursery that boasts beautiful decor as well. We need to make time to stop by and have a nice long look at what they have. I fell in love with so many of the plants there! Now I just have to work on keeping them alive…

Get back on the bike
Sander and I love biking but when it’s too cold both of us agree to stay warm and indoors. I hope that at least by the end of the month we will have warmer weather. In the middle of February we did have a weekend of warmth. Let me tell you, we spent most of that time outside!

Change up household colors
This is pretty simple. It’s time to switch out the darker colors for lighter ones! For example, instead of having our black duvet covers, we’re bringing out the white ones. White allows more light to reflect throughout the room and makes it feel more open. Once the sun comes out and we open the windows, the bedroom will feel spacious and clean. Dark colors make it feel too cozy. We want to get out of bed and not feel too cozy to leave it!

Take the dogs out to the park
With warmer weather comes less muddy walking trails. I hope we can finally take these dogs to Big Spotter’s Hill. It’s a huge park with a mini beach for the dogs and I’m curious to see if Haru will be a merdog!

What do you have planned for March?

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