Spring to do list

The start of this year has been a bit slow. It’s been chilly outside and I’ve been taking it easy with books and heavy blankets. I still have a lot to do though. I’ve got a lot of plans to execute over the next few months and only a steady head and motivation can help me pull through.

Take part in Figuary
I’ve been wanting to draw more and grow my skills. I’ve taken on the Figuary challenge where Youtube Channels Love Life Drawing and CroquisCafe share tips and techniques. Most of these tips will be about figure study and development. It’s where I need a lot of help. It’s wonderful to see that self doubt isn’t only my problem. I’m a terrible perfectionist and give up on things to fast. This is a chance for me to turn that around. I want to stop expecting perfection and embrace my flaws!

Continue with Dedicate
Dedicate – A 30 Day Yoga Journey, has been my obsession in January. It’s been so good to get back into Yoga and I intend to continue on. With doing Yoga, I’m more inclined to eat healthier too so there are benefits all the way around. I get to stretch and move, and my diet cleans itself up! It’s something I want to keep on my to do list because it’s important to me.

Add more books
I’ve been so good at reading one book a week and I want to keep at it! Some weeks I have a super short novel and other times it’s a book with an audio time of 30 hours. Either way I need to keep at it because it’s good for my brain! It’s a sort of self care method that I enjoy and it’s better than browsing Reddit for hours each day.

Get my shit together
I got in a huge order for Bullet Journal supplies (post coming soon!) and I’ve yet to organize them. There are a few other tasks I need to get back on. I started January off strong but something happened I dropped a lot of things all at once. For now I’m going to blame it on hormonal problems but that’s not a good excuse. I need to keep myself motivated to do things!

Plan a test
I’m getting close to scheduling my first Immigration test. I’m thinking that the best will be the Dutch cultural knowledge since I love history and culture. The hardest will be grammar and writing because I still have troubles with “au” “ui” “ou”! I have until November to complete all these “heroic trials” so right now I’m doing my best not to panic. When I was in college I would go to the library two hours before a test and cram as much as I could. I doubt I can do that now. I’ve always been a nervous test taker but I need to remind myself there’s no shame in repeating a test if I fail.

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