Celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day

Flowers and candy are good and all but let’s remember what Valentine’s Day is all about. It’s about showing love to yourself and the ones you love most. Even if you’re going life solo right now there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day too. Regardless of your relationship status, here are some ways you can treat yourself and the ones you love!

Picture it now
Plan out a loose idea of how you want the day to go. It’s understand that most people will be working since Valentine’s Day is during the week. Don’t get that stop you! Put yourself into a great mood by listening to uplifting music and heading out with a smile. Wearing a smile will not only make you feel better on the outside, you’ll be happier on the inside too!

Listen to Your Heart
This sounds cheesy but sometimes it’s best to go back to basics. Listen to what your heart or your partner says and follow through. If you feel like a night out on the town or at home with a good book then do it! If your partner wants to share a spicy bath or scary movie, take the time to do it.

Treat yourself
Have you been eyeing something for the longest time but couldn’t justify getting it? Now might be the perfect time.  If you’re flying solo just go out and get the darn thing! Who said a little retail therapy was bad for you? If you or your partner give gifts talk about what you’d like to receive. It takes out the guess work and won’t leave anyone disappointed.

But Don’t Overindulge
It’s so easy to want to devour all the delicious goods that are sold for Valentine’s day but don’t do it! Having one too many fizzy drinks might make you feel terrible in the morning. Be kind to yourself and your partner and indulge, but not too much. Know your limits and don’t push yourself over the edge. That way there won’t be any regrets about how many chocolates or drinks you put away!


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