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Christmas Market at Assumburg Castle

Our first Christmas Market was located in North Holland in the town of Heemskerk. The castle was built in the 15th century but now serves as a hostel. The castle had been a standalone, it’s a large empty field behind. Now the garden is cultivated and well groomed. It would be lovely to come back in the spring to see it in full bloom.

The Dutch and the Germans are very passionate about their Christmas markets. While Sander’s sisters off in Germany , we are touring the markets here in The Netherlands. Every large city has them and many host unique vendors. It’s worth going to see many of them because the experience is never the same. So what exactly happened at this Christmas market at the Assumburg Castle?

Long rows of white tents line the garden and the front of Assumburg Castle. Much of what was sold were trinkets, clothing, and uncommon goods. We saw everything ranging from sweets and holiday treats, to warm winter clothing and eclectic finds. We ended up buying coasters with Shiba Inu photos on them. I also found a small little gems store and ended up buying a piece of raw garnet. I’ve been looking for a gem store seller for a long time. I’d like to have a few more to keep around my space. Looking at crystals helps to ground me in the here and now instead of worrying about the future.

We also got to indulge in some unique food as we watched a choir sing Christmas songs. It was a fun take on what I know to be traditional Christmas choir groups. The outfits were ornamental too and it was a treat to see! I ended up getting a beautiful sausage in the “Cancun Style.” This included mild salsa, tortilla chips and a sweet ketchup. Interesting flavors for a hotdog but it was tasty!

Inside the castle was also many vendors selling their goods. We saw a bit of the castle. Many of the vendors were from small businesses.

There were a few larger brands but those were feminine things (shaving tools and skincare) It was a good day trip for sure. Some advice I have for travelers is to come prepared for the cold! I kept my scarf at home. Boy did I regret that! I feel a cold coming on! I love these Christmas Markets. We usually walk away empty handed but this time we found a few things that resonated with us. I do enjoy buying less. But that doesn’t mean we should never buy anything . If it’s something we love, then why not?

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