Pokémon GO Updates

Oh what a time to be alive! With the warmer weather heading our way, we have a ton of plans for Pokémon GO. I’ll admit that I don’t get out as much to play because it’s become a bit repetitive for me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t participate in events!

Here’s what we have coming up for the next few months:

More community days
We’ve got confirmation that the Pokémon for June will be Slakoth. While it’s not too powerful by itself, it’s final form has a huge CP number. We all know by now that Pokémon on Community days are special because of a special move and coloring. So for those of you who need the other evolution in this line, now is your chance!

The other community days are as follows but we have no news on what the Pokémon will be. Keep in mind that there will be a community day every month! These are just the dates that have been revealed to us.

  • July 21
  • August 3

Pokémon GO Fest Dortmund
From July 4th to the 7th comes the return of the Pokémon GO Fest. If you recall the first one was a bust. But newer ones have been only getting better and better. This year the Pokémon GO team has decided to allow for 4 whole days of events. Players signed up in game and were put into a lottery to purchase tickets. This year Sander and I can go! We’re going to take a day trip out to Dortmund to spend the day catching Pokémon. We’re heading down on an unsold out date, Thursday, so hopefully the ride and the experience will be one to remember. There will be special finds available to catch and I want to complete my Pokédex!

My main goal for playing Pokémon GO is to complete my collection. There are still tons of Pokémon that are only available to specific reasons. That’s what makes the Fest days so important to players like me. These events host at least one regional Pokémon so that it’s possible to catch it without leaving for another country. While traveling the world for a Pokémon sounds less and ideal, these events shake it up!

I’m excited to keep playing and see where the game takes us next.

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