National Face Mask Day

Today marks the first National Face Mask Day hosted by the one and only Lush. With every order placed today, customers will get one free sample face mask. I live outside of America so I don’t get to cash in on this offer. However there are still tons of ways you can celebrate with your own face mask!

Go Natural
Sometimes facemasks can be expensive. There are tons of tutorials for natural face masks out there. My mom used to put egg white on my face when I was young. A look in your pantry can open a new world of DIY facial masks! Bananas, yogurt, honey and even cinnamon can be used for a quick at home remedy. Be sure to look into what ingredient does what though! You wouldn’t want to apply something too harsh to your skin.

Treat yourself
Many facial masks can be used once or twice a week so put a reminder in your calendar for a treatment day. Taking care of yourself is a huge way to boost confidence and self esteem. By nurturing your skin and your body you’re nurturing your soul as well! We all have this one life to live, so live it up!

Layer it on
I love to spend late evenings in a few different types of masks. First I cleanse my skin and put down a clarifying mask to pull out the dirt from my pores. After that I’ll use an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and expose the fresh ones under that. Then I slather on a layer of Aloe to calm down any irritated areas. Don’t be afraid to put on a good movie and pause it for a few different mask treatments. Sometimes the best things in life are just being at rest and mindful of what your body needs.

Spot treatments
It’s normal to have patches of skin that have different issues. I have some areas that are dry while others are prone to breakouts. Using several different masks as a spot treatment can have many benefits. You’re able to target the needs of your skin and save more product by using less. In this way you can get more bang for your buck because you’ll have to buy less of what you love!

Don’t forget to moisturize!
After you’ve put your face through an intense workout, don’t forget to protect it! If you strip your face from the oils and the moisture that it needs, then it will produce more. For years I thought I had to keep my face oil free but boy was I wrong! My skincare routine has changed so much! I now put in a few drops of Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil in with my Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre so that my face is hydrated and plump.


Note this post was not sponsored by Lush! I thought it would just be something to talk about. Happy National Face Mask Day!

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