Celebrating Christmas 2020

Our Christmas was our most laid back one yet! We had no parties to go to, no family to visit… It was just the 2 of us and our dogs. It was a quiet day and honestly, quite lovely. So let me share with you what we did.

Dutch breakfast
Every Sunday I make American pancakes for nostalgia’s sake. I asked Sander if he wanted a typical American breakfast, with everything from eggs and bacon to seasoned potatoes and buttered toast. But he decided that he wanted to do a typical Dutch breakfast instead. That included a lot of little bread that would could bake for a fresh taste! It also had lots of delicious meats and cheeses. We’re a bit simple and didn’t splurge on too much but we have more than enough for tomorrow too!

Sander’s fallen deep into the game Final Fantasy Online and I still have Animal Crossing. Needless to say we played a lot of video games today and we didn’t do much else! The nice thing about our neighborhood, is that it’s always quiet. Our building has a lot of older people who left in the morning to see family. We haven’t heard a peep from anyone else! Usually people come in and out of the building all day. Since our front door is next to the elevator, we hear it all. Not today!

Meal prep
My major job of today was to prepare our Christmas dinner. We decided to have baked chicken and roasted vegetables paired with boiled potatoes and gravy. Oh my gosh it was so delicious! There are enough leftovers for tomorrow too! Nothing beats not having to cook! For dessert we splurged and bought a Christmas ice cream cake that was to die for. I feel so spoiled!

Calling loved ones
My mom and brother still live in California so I’ve been on the phone with them a lot this week. Just to chat and catch up, or maybe to share what baked goods we made for the day. It feels so nice to be able to chat with them during the holidays. It was a lot more difficult when I lived at home. I’m pretty quiet for the most part and it was tough to find things to talk about. Living so far from home and having a family of my own makes it a lot easier.

I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season! I hope you stay safe and warm in this difficult time. Please take care of yourself!

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