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Small ways to celebrate yourself

I know it’s a bit early for a post like this but I feel like now’s a good time to talk. 2019 was a tough year for many. The world is changing in scary ways and improvement seems out of reach for a “normal” person. I only see high profile people talk about achieving greatness. But what about the everyday people? There are millions of unsung heroes in our world who don’t live in the spotlight. So instead of celebrating others, I think you should celebrate yourself! What exactly does that mean? Let’s take a look.

You aren’t the same
Do you remember what you were like this time last year? I was a nervous wreck still worried about passing my Dutch exams. I had just finished doing Nanowrimo 2018 and it felt so good. But I was also depressed that November had ended. See November gave me an excuse to be creative. I had spent so much of 2018 working on Dutch that I was in no mood for creating. This year though… I did Inktober, Nanowrimo, revived my Bullet Journal, and have made plans for future creative adventures. Just remember that you change all the time and you should be proud of the person you are.

Even small victories are a victory
Everything happens in steps so don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t reached all your yearly goals. I wanted to lose 20 lbs this year but I only lost 10 lbs. Stress eating and snacking after 7pm are the worst offenders in my book. But you know what? My diet is a whole lot healthier than last year’s. I also cut out chocolate as well. Can you believe that I used to binge each chocolate last year! I treat each victory as a big one and pump myself up for the next step. You should too! Celebrate yourself by recognizing these achievements and allowing them to propel you forward.

A moment in time
When I have a particular hard day, I remind myself that tomorrow is a new day. It helps me look forward to a new morning and a fresh start. Anytime you feel hopeless or in a rut, just remember that this is just a moment in time. You’ll feel better soon enough so hang in there! It always helps to treat yourself extra well during these tough times. Fix yourself a favorite meal or treat yourself to a day out. If there’s anyone that knows how hard you work, it’s you! Don’t forget to celebrate yourself and how far you’ve come!

Get up and go
If you ever feel stuck the best thing you can do for yourself is just get up and go. I enjoy taking long walks in the morning and evenings with my dogs. It allows me to get some fresh air and remove myself from any hanging feelings I had in my home. Sometimes I wake up and feel like it’s going to be a terrible day. I make myself a big cup of tea and then head outside. Sometimes the sunshine helps but it’s been getting rainy here. Instead I turn up the heater and keep myself busy! Don’t let bad feelings keep you from being yourself! You can always learn something new instead. I’ve been enjoying Binging with Babish especially since he’s been talking about some of my favorite meals!

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