How to prepare yourself for 2021

During the holidays, I spent a little time on Instagram looking at dogs. We can only have 2 so it warms my heart to see other people’s dogs having a good time. Between those cute dog videos were holiday greetings from people. And I found a recurring theme. Everyone wanted to go into 2021 without expectations. In the past we would start the New Year with high hopes and dreams for the future. And while there’s nothing wrong with that mindset, 2020 was a trainwreck. And now all expectations are out the window. People just want to celebrate being alive. Few made resolutions for change and even fewer expected 2021 to be better. Which is why I wanted to share how you can prepare yourself for 2021.

Remember your morals
2020 was difficult but that doesn’t mean that you should make life for those around you difficult too. Remember your morals and stick to them. Be kind to others and in return they will be kind. Of course there will always be that one person who ruins it for everyone. But don’t let that person be you! You can prepare yourself by reminding yourself that you and your actions matter. Maybe your smile inspires others to smile. If you listen to the troubles of a friend, you may lighten their shoulders for a while. Extend your hand to those who need help and you’ll get it back in return!

Change doesn’t happen overnight
The start of a New Year is symbolic for fresh beginnings, but let’s be honest with ourselves here. Change takes time and will almost never happen over night. 2021 will be a rough ride for many of us but keep the end goal in sight. Hope is such a strong emotion to hold on to and do just that! Prepare yourself by taking one day at a time. Wake up thankful for the ability to wake up. Allow change to come at a pace that’s realistic and we’ll all see a brighter tomorrow.

Be mindful of others
I’ve seen a few people talk about how wonderful the quarantine has been for them. Some people were finally able to take breaks. Others found that they loved working from home. These are the quiet few though. A majority of people found 2020 difficult. Keep them in mind and be respectful of their feelings.

Ease yourself back into the groove
My first week was 2021 was difficult. I felt unmotivated and slept unwell at night. I ate too many cookies and buried myself in the couch because it was comforting. Be kind to yourself. I didn’t beat myself up for my rough start but I’m working on getting back on track. It’s easy to fall into bad habits but don’t forget you’re not alone in this. Take it easy on yourself and ease back into where you used to be. Life can be hard but don’t give up!

Don’t give up hope
The New Year doesn’t have to be bleek. They say that time heals all wounds but some take longer than others. Wake up thankful to be alive. Go to bed happy for another day. These days fly by so treasure them! And most importantly, don’t give up hope. Hope can be such a driving force, so grasp it and don’t let go. All Along You Were Blooming has done wonders for my soul. I’m not one to read motivational books but maybe I should. This book is gorgeous and the perfect reminder that hope is alive.

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