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Upcoming events in The Netherlands

I’m always excited to get out and about, especially when we head out to Amsterdam. A big city, as always, is filled with the hustle and bustle of both native and tourists alike. Since the crowd can be overwhelming for us, we tend to space our visits out when choosing something busy. These are the events we’re planning on attending this year Several Music events at AFAS I’ve always wanted to attend live shows of my favorite artists but being a…

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How to Tips Tourism

How to be a tourist in your city

I know that it’s difficult for some to get out and experience something new, especially if one has lived in a location all their life. Fortunately for me, I’m still pretty new to this city. Sander, however, has lived here for around six years and is still discovering new perks about this town. So how does Sander keep uncovering new experiences in a town he’s lived in for so long? Stop and look around I enjoy walking everywhere because if…

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