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How the Dutch use lekker

Dutch is a confusing language. I’ve been learning it for so long now and I still have trouble with it! There are hundreds of words that have double meanings. One of them, is lekker. Lekker, in its purest form means yummy. For example, lekker eten means a yummy meal.

I’ve heard lekker used in other situations though. When we see Sander’s parents, they usually want to eat out in the garden. It’s because the sun is out and it’s lekker warme (nice and warm). It’s also lekker weer (nice weather) when the sun is out. When we eat ice cream it’s because it’s lekker koud (nice and cold) to enjoy during the summer. They’ll ask how our week has been. It’s been lekker druk (pretty busy) because there’s so much to do outside.

You can also use it in other ways! I find mosquitos niet lekker (not nice) and it’s hard to find them in our house because of the lekker ruim (lots of space). So it’s hard to slaap lekker (sleep well) when there’s a mosquito buzzing in your ear all night long! The weather is getting super warm at night and so we have to wear shorts to sleep.

All the girls are wearing shorts in this heat wave and I’m sure the boys find it lekker!

As you can see, its one of the more confusing Dutch words because there are so many meanings behind it! But you need to know exactly when to use it otherwise your sentences end up sounding strange!

It’s just one aspect of why I think Dutch is an interesting and difficult language to learn. While my courses are going pretty well, there’s still so much to learn. The grammar is always changing up on me! I think it’s only practice that will help me in the long run but be sure there will be many more of these confusing words to talk about!


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