Trying Korean Beauty

We went to another convention this past weekend. AnimeCon was in Rotterdam this weekend and we went on Sunday like we always do. But instead of telling you the same old story of what we usually do, how about the Korean Skincare that I ended up with?

I’ve always been curious about Korean skincare especially since it’s been so popular in recent years. Luckily for me there’s the Ichigo Shop. They have a huge online store and sometimes visit local conventions. I’ve seen them plenty of times but I didn’t want to buy something I wouldn’t use. This time I did a bit of research and made a few purchases.

O.2 Therapy Air mask in Ceramide
I had not heard about ceramide before this but after I did a bit of reading on it I wanted to give it a try. It’s can quench dry skin and gives it rich a deep moisturizing. Ceramide can help strengthen skin and help it keep moisture. I plan on using this for when I want a pick me up. These were cheap and I don’t use sheet masks often so I’m not sure they’ll help my skin. But there’s nothing like a night in with a good movie and a face mask on!

Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask in black clay
My skin has always been a bit bad around certain times of the month and I’ve been looking for a new purifying mask. This way I can pull out dirt and grime to help my skin stay clear. The Jeju mask turns into a milky cleanser that leaves skin feeling clear and cleansed. I’ve already used it once and love the way it feels both with it on and taking it off.

Blossom Picnic Glow On Hydra Base
I discovered this from Haley Kim’s video about her glass skin routine. Glass skin has become a super popular trend that’s grown to a global phenomenon. It gives skin the appearance of being clear, smooth like glass and lit from within. This is one of the moisturizers she uses to prime for her make up. While my skin is far from amazing, I wanted to give this a try. It’s smooth and has a beautiful glow to it. I love how it applies but I haven’t used it enough for me to say that I’m in love with it.

Iceland Micro Hydrating Eye Stick
This is a cooling eye stick that should moisturize, improve wrinkles and whiten the under eye area. While I can’t vouch for the last two claims, I can promise this feels amazing to put on. The cooling sensation feels amazing before bed and my under eyes are soft and moisturized well enough that I want to use this every day. I recommend this if it’s the only eye cream you’re using because it does apply thickly and might cause creasing under makeup.

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