May BuJo Mood Board Spread

We’ve all come to accept that 2020 might turn out to be a year indoors. The Netherlands has opened a few more places but a majority of areas are still closed. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve used my bullet journal as an event planner. It’s been a better use of the paper since most of my days are open and don’t need a to-do list. I set up a spread for April but it’s still blank… I knew I wouldn’t be able to fill it but a part of me still hoped that at least making the spread would let me feel better. It didn’t. So I decided to create a mood board that would be beautiful to look at instead of wasting May.

My mini journal isn’t neglected though! It’s where I keep all my blog posts at a glance. And I enjoy keeping both the same theme so I jumped in for a minimal and dreamy toned spread. It’s not always easy to find inspiration when you’re feeling stuck in the mud, so let me share my creative process.

Make a mood board for your mood board
This sounds hilarious but hear me out. A mental block is the biggest roadblock when it comes to creativity. Think about the times when you feel uninspired and why. For me it’s most often perfectionism getting in the way. Anything I make will never be as good. It’s a challenge to get over something that only you hear. Sometimes it takes the voice of someone else to break you out, if only for a few hours. This is where a mood board for your mood board comes in. Capture everything that you wish you could do and allow it to light a flame under your butt. I spent a few hours looking at minimal bullet journal layouts to fuel me. And in the end mine turned out better.

Multitasking makes it easier
I’ve been listening to My Favorite Murder but I also started watching The Midnight Gospel. I was a big fan of Adventure Time and was excited to see Pendleton Ward jump into a new adventure. The show is about a spacecaster (podcasting in space) who travels to different simulated worlds to interview a guest for his spacecast. The interviews are real bits from the co-creator Duncan Trussell’s podcast. While it’s not for everyone, each episode has a little something to take away from it. I like to keep an open mind and hear what others have to say. It keeps me thinking about my own decisions and allows me to accept the choices other people make.

Take your time
I love going through magazines and pulling out pages that resonate with me. It was something I picked up in high school and I do it to this day. I wanted a specific color scheme so I found a patterned page and pulled the colors from it. Then I flipped through my collection to see if I could find those colors elsewhere. You shouldn’t rush creativity. It should grow and bloom within so that you can push forward your best work. I always regret a rushed job and sometimes it can’t be helped. But in those moments when you can take your time, do it. Be one with yourself in that moment and allow yourself to shine.

Keep yourself accountable
I know it’s a bullet journal but it’s another task that has potential to be another failed hobby. Keep at it and don’t let the current world situations demotivate you. I’ve stated previously that I started a Youtube channel to help keep me motivated. I enjoy the process of video editing and don’t mind if no one watches it. The fun thing is that I get faster at editing each time I sit down to work. Progress is always a wonderful and welcome! If a Youtube channel is too out there for you, create an Instagram to document your spreads!

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