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Recently there have been a few days where I just want to feel happy. The news is bleak, the weather is so cold, everyone is sick, and nowhere feels safe. To battle this, I decided to think about the things that make me happy. So happy that I can smile while the world outside is wrong. And yes, it sounds selfish to want to be self indulgent but it gets exhausting, being sad and worrying all the time. I spend a lot of my time stressing about things I can’t control and then I end up wasting the whole day. Instead of being unproductive, it’s better to feel momentary happiness to push forward. So here are the things that had made me feel happy lately.

Drummers Drumming by Lush (Seasonal)
The time has come for me to open and use this beautiful soap and I’m in love. It’s got such a thick peach scent to it that I’ve been craving peaches. I also make any excuse I can to walk my hands in the bathroom. If you haven’t tried a jelly soap, I suggest you do! It’s like holding a bit of jello in your hand instead of the normal bar or gel. The soap lathers up and is a dream to use. I keep telling Sander that this soap looks like a serving of flan. And I love me some flan! It’s such a shame that it’s only sold for Christmas time. If Lush could make this scent into a lotion, I would be the happiest girl on earth!

My work space
I only had a few bags when I moved to The Netherlands and those were full of clothes. I left behind memories, momentos, and pieces of my past. I’ve been able to pick up different things along the way that remind me how to smile. I sit next to two huge windows and some days I can’t even open the shades… It’s so terrible outside. But when I glance at my trinkets, the weather doesn’t seem so bad anymore because I have all the sunshine I need sitting right before me. I’ve got my beautiful pin board, art from my friends back home, and art that I’ve made myself. These small things bring me so much joy and make me happy to sit at my desk even if it’s pouring outside.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
This series has always been on my to-read list and I’m slowly making the time to do so. It’s been hard to find free time but these books are short and sweet. If I can set aside a few hours each week, I can finish one book. The kids are so bright and unique but not too adult… I’m not a fan of books where the kids are too wise for their own good. The Baudelaire orphans hit that sweet spot of being children, but intelligent ones. But boy do these poor kids suffer. And since I’m not reading a book a week, I have a lot less stress and a lot more time to thoroughly enjoy what I read. I’d like to watch the TV series when I finish reading and I hear it’s very good!

My Favorite Murder
I never thought I would say that I’ve been listening to a Podcast about murder. Well it’s not praising murder, but a discussion about it. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark talk about a different murder each week and address the various details behind them. I’ve learned so much about why people turn to murder and what red flags to avoid. Did you know it’s better to get in your car and drive away from a potential stalker? Don’t stay in the car and text someone about it! Get as far as you can before you stop to alert a loved one that you might be followed. Who knows what that shady person might do!

My Bullet Journal and Youtube Channel

I created a Youtube channel with the intent of sharing my Dutch life. But I was so anxious that I could never speak well enough for the camera. I put the channel on hold and hoped that someday I could think of something to do with it. Early this year I was watching Youtube when Linh Truong in her video said “I’d like to look back on this one day and see where I was in High School.” And that resonated with me. Not the high school part, but looking back on something. So instead I decided to log my Bullet Journal progress. I’ve been posting since January and you can visit my page here!

Keeping a public record of my journal helps to keep me accountable. And I’m terrible with keeping myself accountable. It’s also the same reason why I have a private Instagram for my art. So I draw and post at least once a day. And sure, I stress about everything a few days before I record… But when I sit down to set up my layout all that stress vanishes. I also thoroughly enjoy the editing process. Sure, I’ve made some mistakes but it’s been fun and exciting so far and I can continue to use my journal instead of neglect it.

My bullet journal is a Leuchtturm1917 Medium (A5) notebook with dotted interior. On the front I have an Animal Crossing sticker I got ages ago from Sugar Bones. You can find the patch version of this sticker here. It helps to remind me that everyday is a new day, and the bad times are just times that are bad.



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