Celebrating 2nd Christmas

The Dutch celebrate something that I wasn’t aware of, and that’s the 2nd day of Christmas. It’s like having Christmas but instead of 24 hours it’s 48 hours. So all the festivities continue on, making it an extra long holiday season. But this still feels new to me, so let me share what we did on the 2nd day of Christmas.

Slept in late
Sander and I have been ultra lazy. He’s out of bed at 7am and I usually get up at 9:30. This weekend has been different! We got up closer to 11am and even pushed it to noon! Man, I’ve never slept so much in my life! Plus the blankets were super warm. It felt great. It’s been raining a lot this week and we were lucky enough to see some sun on Christmas, if only for an hour! Ah, well, that’s The Netherlands!

Busy body
The New Year lurks around the corner so now is the best time to get things done. I’d like to try and reboot my bullet journal (again) and try and read a few books I put off. It’s nice to have a quiet holiday because I remember I was quite busy last holiday season. I understand it’s been a different experience for everyone, but 2020 was a strange year.

Greeted the neighbors
I’m not a social person but you can bet I know a lot of neighbors because they have dogs. I even offered my delicious Christmas cake to a few of them because it’s been a difficult time. We ran into a neighbor that we hadn’t seen in a few weeks too! I was so excited to see him and his dog, James. Sweet James had been sick for a while because he caught kennel cough. Guys, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have other dogs love to see me. It warms my heart like nothing else!

A bit of shopping
Sander loves The Body Shop’s Shea Soap and I finally made the time to order some more. While I was browsing I got lucky and found Things Might Get Messy Masking Kit. I’ve been wanting to try out a few of these masks and I’m so glad they came in a set! If you recall, I’ve tried a few of their other masks before and I’ve loved them so I’m excited about these too.

Stuffed our faces
We had a lot of leftovers from yesterday so I’ve been looking forward to dinner all day! The best thing about 2nd Christmas is the ability to keep the celebration going, and that includes eating a ton of tasty food!



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