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Our Shiba Inu’s first birthday

This post is a day late because we wanted to celebrate Booker’s first birthday! She was born September 15, 2016. We brought her home in mid November and we haven’t looked back since. Shiba Inu are known as independent and feisty dogs and Booker has been that the entire time. But she’s also well loved and the perfect fit for our family. And now she’s finally 1 year old!

I made her a cake with this recipe and it came out pretty well. I should have trimmed more of the cake to make it a perfect square. But I figured she wouldn’t care and I can get a better cake pan just for her birthday cakes. And I also accidentally made the pumpkin frosting a bit too watery, but hey, you live and learn!

To my sweetheart and fur baby,

You probably know who I am because you’ve smelled (and tasted) my feet over a thousand times now. You probably know who I am because of the small teeth marks you’ve left over my hands and legs. Don’t forget the scratch scars you’ve given me over the past few months. And the bruises from your roughhousing.

But what you don’t know is that even though you refuse to cuddle for more than 10 seconds, I love you so much. You’ve made me smile when I didn’t feel like I could. You made me happy when it was pouring outside. You let me hug you even though you’re not a fan. You’ll put up with it a few seconds longer each time because you know I love having you close. And I know you love me close too. You follow me to every room and I often have to lock you out of the bathroom so I can have some privacy. Doesn’t mean I appreciate you any less.

You were so small when we first saw you. Just a round ball of fluff with a wriggly tail and plump belly. You were an angel when we first brought you home but thinks quickly went upside down. And you were sick for so long but you fought hard and pulled through.

Everything went into your mouth. I don’t see how that’s changed though since you still go mouth first into any situation. You always greet every dog with open paws and a wild smile. And although you end up scaring most of the neighborhood dogs with your enthusiasm, we know it’s because you’re excited to meet new friends. That’s maybe something I should learn from you.

You’re a little energetic at times but you’re an angel when you sleep. You’ll wait for Sander an hour before he gets home. You’re so dedicated that even if it’s raining outside you’ll whine until I open the balcony door so you can watch for his car.

The best times spent with you are on walks when you’ve got your tail held high and a stick in your mouth.

When we got you, we knew what we wanted but didn’t know what to expect. We got you, Booker, a Shiba Inu better than we could have ever imagined.

So here’s to your first year with us, Happy Birthday Booker!

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