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How to keep positive through autumn

It’s difficult to remain happy as warm summer days are replaced by short and colder ones. Even though I love the rain and autumn in general, I find myself getting too cozy at home and unwilling to go out in the rain. So how do I get the motivation to get up and moving?

Indulge in healthy versions of comfort foods
I love autumn for it’s comfort foods. It’s cold outside and a full belly makes me content but let’s be honest here. Comfort food can be incredibly unhealthy. If you’re like me and love potatoes, think of using a healthy substitute instead. There are a ton of ways you can make cauliflower into a substitute for rice and potatoes. Just boil and mash them, then add them to whatever meal you had already planned. If baking is more your style, half the amount of sugar you use. I’ve made recipes that call for 4 cups of sugar! Yikes! Even using just one cup will still result in a delicious treat so don’t feel like can’t edit as you cook.

There’s nothing more insightful than getting into your own head and calming your thoughts. Meditation takes practice though, so don’t expect it to work right away. I have the book Get Some Headspace: How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life in Ten Minutes a Day on my to read list since it’s got some fantastic reviews. If you can’t find the time to read, pick up an audiobook and listen to it in lieu of music. I turned Sander onto audiobooks and now he’s addicted. There are also several apps on the app store, no matter what your phone is. You have no excuses, so sit down and take a deep breath!

Listen to music
When I discover a new song or beat that I can really get into, I feel like I have the entire day to be happy. Of course, listen to music that lifts your spirits because listening to sad music will just as easily bring you down. Find something catchy or even indulge in a guilty pleasure! Mine are Backstreet Boys and Eiffel 65. Autumn is also a great time to discover new music that lift your spirits. As the days get longer and colder, nothing feels better than a song that makes you smile.

Get artistic
I’ve always been the artistic one in my family. I used to have weekend trips to craft stores just to see what new goodies were in stock. If you don’t want to buy items for a DIY project, adult coloring books, or you simply just don’t have the means to get your hands on anything artsy, you’re in luck! Just grab a pencil and a mug to draw. I took an online art class early last year and it was liberating to just draw, even if my subject was a cup! Use a pen if you want to challenge yourself!

Do something unusual
On the weekends, Sander and I occasionally take a trip to the garden store. Odd, yes but it’s so satisfying to walk around the baby plants and smell that earth. When the parks are just too muddy to walk through, a nice walk through the garden and pet section of our local Ranzijn makes me feel so much better. Autumn in most stores is beautiful with earthy tones and plants for sale. It’s not the first choice for many people but it’s something unusual that makes me happy. When I lived in California, Home Depot would trigger the same feelings. Not sure if it’s the smell of familiarity (growing up and going there with my parents) but it’s comforting!

Wear your confidence
One part of having a healthy mind is feeling confident. It’s difficult to just tell someone to be confident. It’s a state of mind that cannot be willed when needed. One way I feel more confident is by wearing clothes that make me feel so. I have a double breasted coat I wear in the winter that just oozes coolness and confidence. When I feel like I need a pick me up I wear this coat. It’s effortlessly on trend because it’s got a few silly patches but also wears like something I would see off duty models would wear. This coat isn’t sold anymore but there are plenty of similar ones from the store I got it from, Pull&Bear.

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  • Reply
    Mel & Suan
    October 23, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    We recall doing a “time lapse” of the scene outside our window during the change from Summer to Autumn to winter. Take a photo of the same spot every day and at the end of it look back at how it changed – in a slide show!

    • Reply
      October 23, 2017 at 3:32 pm

      That sounds like a fantastic idea! I need to make one of those~

      • Reply
        Mel & Suan
        October 23, 2017 at 4:03 pm

        Share it some time when you are done!

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