Pokémon GO Community day – Charmander

Once again the time has come for us to celebrate another Pokémon GO Community day. This time around was a bit of a challenge for us because we’re on holiday! We headed south of The Netherlands and into Belgium to a little place called Zutendaal. We’re staying at a vacation park but I’ll have a whole post about that later.

Saturday was our first community day away from our usual community. We had a little panic at first but the day turned out to be productive anyways.

Allow me to begin at the beginning. Zutendaal is a small community close to the border between The Netherlands and Belgium. It’s got a fantastic forest that takes up much of the area but that makes it less than ideal to hunt for Pokémon. The city area we visited had only a few places to walk and hang out so we decided to head to Maastricht. We had been to Maastricht a few years ago for Christmas. We were expecting to not see many players on the streets but boy were we surprised!

People were every where hunting for Pokémon! I didn’t bring my camera with me since we were expecting to walk for two hours. I didn’t want more baggage to make me tired. We wandered through streets and around the local carnival for two hours. This time around we had a shiny Charmander and if evolved (shiny or not), it would know a special move. The shiny Charizard is amazing to see! It’s a moody black color and makes playing Pokémon GO all the more exciting.

I was lucky and ended up with four of these special Charmanders but poor Sander only found two. We did not rest the entire time and ended up walking around 5 miles throughout the allotted time period. These community days only occur from 11am to 2pm so we had to work quickly.

It was a fantastic sight to see. Entire families were out walking and playing Pokémon GO together. We thought that the community here would be small but it was larger than we would have ever thought! It’s an indescribable feeling.

In our Pokémon GO community we’re used to seeing large numbers of people playing the game together. Strangers come and meet new friends and fresh bonds take form. Here, even in the south of The Netherlands, these bonds are able to take shape. This gaming community is has to be the largest and it’s humbling to be a part of it!

We’re excited for the next one to come around but we aren’t sure what the featured Pokémon will be.

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