International Chocolate Day 2018

Today is International Chocolate Day! It’s a bit of a confusing time because there’s a national chocolate day as well. However, today is just another reason to eat and enjoy that delicious dark gold! While I’m all for eating your weight in chocolate, I’ve turned over a new leaf in eating. I still love and would probably die for chocolate. But now I eat a healthy amount of it instead of eating it all in one sitting. So how else can you eat chocolate healthily?

Eat less chocolate
I know this is a no brainer. But if you take less chocolate and eat is slowly, it will feel like you have more. I do this a lot now to help deal with my cravings. I can enjoy a bit everyday as long as I don’t go overboard! It’s all about moderation and being accountable for what you put in your mouth.

Use less 
If you’re into baking and making home chocolate goods, consider using less sugar or butter. Sugar and butter are where those calories really start to add up. Use substitutes or low calorie alternatives to help keep those high calories out. I’ve seen chocolatey treats made with greek yogurt instead, so anything is possible!

Eat dark
Dark chocolate is supposed to be healthier for you because it cuts out the other additives and uses more cacao. According to CNN, consuming 1 oz. a day may have health benefits but everyone is different. If you do have chocolate cravings and really want to curb them, I do recommend eating trying it. It’s so rich (and bitter) that eating more than a small piece may make you cringe!

Don’t limit yourself
If you prevent yourself from eating chocolate outright, you might be tempted to binge at your first chance. It’s better to give into your small cravings and have that piece you’ve been longing for! In the long run you’ll be less tempted to consume a whole bar if you can have a little every day. This way you won’t feel guilty about overeating because you haven’t deprived yourself.

Enjoy yourself!
Let’s be a little honest though. We only live one life. It’s good to enjoy the things we love while we can. While you should be in control of your eating habits, it’s always ok to indulge in moderation. I love chocolate a lot but I’m always sure to eat the recommended amount. Eating too much makes me feel sick and regret overindulging. Always think about your portion control and decide on what’s best for you!

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