Washi Tape Haul

Investing in Washi Tape is a cheap and easy way to make stunning Bullet Journals.

I love browsing Pinterest for recommendations on layouts for weekly spreads. I need to note that I currently lead a life of little to no obligations. There are few appointments I need to keep and fewer important things to remember. So I use my Bullet Journal as a positive space. I write down one positive thing each day so that I can keep a happy head on my shoulders. Now I’m also not very artistic so I’m sticking to a minimal layout… But something was missing. I wanted some pop of color to spice up my journal.

I’m not a huge fan of ordering things from China. I hear a lot of horror stories from wrong items to missing orders. But this store came to me with high praises. So I decided to take a chance and place an order. House of Novelty has thousands of products for sale and at very cheap prices.

I had everything from gemstone Washi Tape to star constellations and splashes of water colors. I kept my choices to similar colors and themes. That way I could have endless combinations with my layouts.

I spend hours browsing the site until I had a huge cart! What was wonderful was that I could afford so many items at such a low cost.

That’s also what worried me. Were these items going to be as described? Would they take six months to arrive at my door? I had no way of knowing. Yes others had positive experiences with them but I could be the exception. All I could do was wait and see. I waited for two weeks before my order arrived and it was perfect. Everything I had ordered was there and was as described.

I would order again from them in a heart beat. But let me say I have so much Washi Tape now that it’s going to be a long time before that next order!

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