Lessons learned from a broken phone

Sander insisted I upgraded my phone and after much hesitation, I did. And then dropped it a week later. Since then it’s had long spidery cracked running up and down the middle. I felt terrible about it. I’ve had several smart phones and all had been pristine. No scuffs and no cracks.

Over the weekend, I pushed my poor phone over the limit. We were out playing Pokemon GO at the Keukenhof Kasteel and I dropped it again. It fell in such a way that the top half of the screen was unresponsive. So I had to spend the weekend with a shattered phone. How did it go?

I had no idea I relied on my phone for so much. From my morning music play list to the books I read. I couldn’t choose what music to listen to. I could still read my favorite books. But it required patience. I had to turn my phone around for me to be able to bookmark my pages. I couldn’t use the dictionary on a few words… It was sad how much I needed my phone!

I won’t say I’m dependent on my phone. Half of the time it stays in the bedroom. But it has replaced a lot of things in my life. I have all my contacts on my phone. It’s one of the few ways I can speak to my brother. It’s free to call him and since I live so far away… Phone calls can be so expensive! I also use my phone to help me keep in touch with the outside world. Because I don’t watch the news often so I often refer to my phone’s apps for information. Having a phone has made life so much easier that it’s impossible to think of a day without it.

I will say I had a lot of freedom. It was so easy to think in the silence and focus on my tasks. I wasn’t distracted because my phone wasn’t there to distract me. Unfortunately I tend to over think things and use my phone as a coping mechanism. Without it I was again faced with ideas of my own mortality and the realization that our lives are small blips on the earth’s time line.

Needless to say I got my phone fixed pretty fast. I love using to to read late into the night (until I can’t even stay up) so that I don’t have to think about an endless existential crisis!


On a side note, I’ve been a bit busier this week and might be for the next few weeks. My Dutch exams are coming up soon and I have to study for them. Not only that but I need to finish some time sensitive paperwork for everything to go well! Wish me luck! Since the beginning of this year, I’ve cut down my posting to twice a week. I will return to more posts after all my Dutch stuff! It’s burning me out!

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