My Childhood Holiday Memories

Everyone has holiday memories that come rushing back when December rolls around. And some of them are the most amazing of times. As a child, I got to experience many good memories that I still treasure today because things got a little chaotic as I got older. I wanted to take a stroll down memory lane to share some of them with you.

Sitting under the Christmas Tree
I had a collection of Pokémon figures that I took with me everywhere. This included under the Christmas tree. Once our fake tree was set up in the living room, you could always find me under it. I loved playing with my figures between the branches of the tree. I would have epic stories play out as I sat under the glowing lights and bobbles. It was always a wonderful time for me. I had solitude and my imagination. As a child, what more could you ask for?

Watching Holiday Movies
Once December hits in America, almost every TV channel plays Christmas movies nonstop. Most evenings my brother and I would curl up with our mom on the couch and watch them. We would drink warm chocolate and fill our cups with marshmallows. These movie nights ended as we got older but I still hold them close to my heart.

The Neighborhood Lights
My earliest Christmas memories are of the four of us piling into the car and touring the neighborhood. Most of the houses in our area would fill their yards with magical displays and bright lights. My dad would drive up and down the streets so that we could have a private light show. I would always stare up in awe at the towering displays and inflated snow globes. We only decorated the interior of our house so it was exciting to see what the neighbors had to share.

Going out on Christmas Eve
It was a tradition to go to the movies on Christmas Eve. We’d see a holiday movie or a children’s movie that wasn’t too late. We used to do the works too. We’d order a popcorn and sneak in some snacks. After that we would come home and get ready for bed because it was be so close to Santa’s arrival!

Sleeping in the living room
On Christmas Eve my mother would pull out the mattress from our couch. The three of us would sleep in the living room and talk until we grew sleepy. Once we were asleep she would creep out of bed and hide our gifts under the tree. In the morning my brother and I would wake up excited for gifts. But we would always be upset we had missed Santa!

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